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Tuesday, April 16
The Indiana Daily Student

Goodbody Eatery opens as zero-waste facility

Goodbody Eatery official open

Students who find themselves near Wells Quad during their day will be able to buy food from famed Kirkwood Avenue restaurant Nick’s English Hut for the first time with their meal points starting Sept. 18.

“I live here, so it’s really nice to have a food place where I live because I didn’t have that last year,” said Christyn Willis, a sophomore who lived in Ashton her freshman year.

Goodbody Eatery opened its doors for the first time to all students Sept. 18, after completing a series of test runs last week to students living in Wells Quad. While the dining hall makes buying local a priority by featuring Bloomington staples such as Nick’s and Chocolate Moose, Goodbody is also the first dining hall on campus to be a zero-waste facility.

“I worked with Nick’s to bring them in here because they were local,” Shrivastav said. “It’s a legend in Bloomington.”

Shrivastav said when he was sitting in a Goodbody dining construction meeting, he pointed out that there was no point in going to a landfill when composting was a feasible option. He said Goodbody will still have recycling containers as well, but most things will be composted back into the earth.

“Composting is one of the best ways to get rid of waste if you have it,” Shrivastav said.

Shrivastav is also working with students in the Kelley School of Business and the School of Public and Environmental Affairs to find more sustainable options in dining across campus.

“In the future, the goal is to go zero-waste in all dining areas,” Shrivastav said.

The waste that is being composted will travel to campus farms where it will be used to grow produce, Shrivastav said, adding that he is looking into using that produce in the dining halls if it is good enough.

“We have the resources. Why not?” Shrivastav said.

With composting being a priority, Shrivastav said it was important to use dishes that were able to be broken down. He said the plates in Goodbody are made out of a grass fiber that is only found in the Midwest, particularly Ohio.

Goodbody also features Coca-Cola freestyle machines, and Shrivastav said getting biodegradable cups from Coca-Cola was one of the biggest hurdles.

“It’s the next step in food service – the sustainable aspect,” Shrivastav said. 

Shrivastav said he the local vendors also helps with sustainability. Food often travels thousands of miles before reaching its destination and causes excess waste, which Shrivastav has experienced in his background in food and beverage services.

The Den by Denny’s, which is also featured in Gresham dining hall, could have easily been added to Goodbody, but Shrivastav said he opted for Nick’s instead.

Goodbody Eatery will have a grand opening Oct. 2, featuring a live band, decorations and free samples.

“We’re very proud of the product that we have here,” Shrivastav said. 

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