Harry Potter tournament organizes second task, searches for magical creatures


The final creature to find for the second task of the Harry Potter Society's Triwizard Tournament was a niffler. In the Harry Potter universe, nifflers are attracted to shiny objects so one team made it appear as though he was stealing their valuables.  Dominick Jean and Dominick Jean Buy Photos

The second task of the Triwizard Tournament began Sunday evening outside Woodburn Hall.

The tournament, organized by the Harry Potter Society at IU, is based off the one from the books and movies.

Three teams, Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang are competing for title of Triwizard champions.

The Harry Potter Society recreated the tournament, and Daniel Aufmann, a junior and secretary for the club, said he expected an excellent event.

“I’m super excited,” Aufmann said. “Your task is to find all seven magical creatures.”

Aufmann explained each team was supposed to take a picture — the more creative the better — with the magical creatures they found and earn extra points by reciting facts about the creature.

Each team was handed a sheet with the rules for the game, and then the game began.

Beauxbatons, the champions from the last trial and current point leaders, began its hunt for the magical creatures calmly, without much fanfare, unlike the Hogwarts team, which quickly ran out of Woodburn Hall in search of the creatures.

“Hogwarts, they were running hard,” Samantha Titus, a freshman, said. “Try-hards.”

Beauxbatons quickly found the first locations with members of the Harry Potter Society who had stuffed animals which were meant to represent three creatures, a demiguise, a dragon and a bowtruckle.

At every location champions were given clues to lead them to the next location, but Wesley Corey, a junior, said he was still worried about their progress.

“I feel like we’re a little behind to be honest,” Corey said.

After backtracking along the Jordan River for more than 10 minutes, the Beauxbatons eventually managed to find the giant stuffed spider within the forested area by the Musical Arts Center. Aufmann had offered to text the groups hints, Beauxbatons was unwilling to take the two point deduction that would require.

Throughout the course of the event, Alyssa Moskwa and Kelsey Shanabarger, both grad students, joked with Titus and Corey about giving up the hunt, but they persisted.

After the missteps along the Jordan River the next creatures were found in short order by the Beauxbatons team. Stuffed animals represetning a unicorn; an augurey, also known as an Irish phoenix; and a niffler were all spotted and the team took creative pictures with them based off the nature of the beast.

While the Beaxubatons did not finish the trial first — it was bested by the Durmstrang team — Beauxbatons finished proud of its work and all the bonus points it had received throughout the event.

“We definitely have them all on lock,” Corey said. “We’re creative as hell.”

Durmstrang won the event with 36 points, Beauxbatons came in second with 35 points, and Hogwarts claimed third with 32 points.

For the tournament as whole, Beauxbatons still leads with 75 total points through both trials.

Durmstrang trails with 71 and Hogwarts came in a close third with 70 points.

The third and final task will take place April 23, and champions will be chosen for that event by name submission before it occurs.

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