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Friday, Feb. 23
The Indiana Daily Student


Rock and roll siblings play The Void

New York-based rock and roll band Izzy True played at The Void last night. Lead singer Isabel Reidy, left, and brother Silas juggle being siblings and bandmates.

A crowd gathered in a large, unadorned room to see New York-based band Izzy True play alongside local acts. The unfinished quality of the venue simply directed attention to the band Wednesday. The performance was part of the tour for Izzy True’s first full-length album, “Nope.”

It was singer Isabel Reidy’s second time playing in Bloomington after a solo show earlier this year, but this time, she was joined by the other members of the band: brother Silas Reidy and friends Angela Devivo and Jon Samuels.

“We’ll mostly be playing songs from the new album,” Isabel said. “One of my favorite songs to play is ‘Total Body Erasure.’ I like to play loud rocky ones and I play solo a lot. You have to work in a different way to get attention from playing quietly.”

Isabel has been playing with Silas since high school, but she says that both touring and working with a sibling can sometimes be intense.

“We’re pretty close because of the band, but we fight a lot,” she said. “But we’re learning how to navigate that, and I’m really glad we’re playing music together.”

The original band the siblings were a part of while Isabel was still in high school was called The Real Bad. Isabel says their current band, Izzy True, was formed after The Real Bad began to dissolve.

“We finally ended up with this lineup of us and two good friends about a year and a half ago,” Isabel said.

Isabel says one of the biggest challenges of touring is keeping it together mentally.

“It’s just, you know, staying healthy, not totally losing your mind,” she said. “We’ve been really lucky so far in having people be really sweet to us, opening their homes 
to us.”

After the tour, the band will move from Ithaca, New York, to Philadelphia.

“I’m hoping to get it going so I can tour constantly and hopefully record some more,” Isabel said.

Bloomington became one of the destinations for Izzy True’s tour through a personal contact of Isabel’s.

“It was really fun,” Isabel said about her previous show in Bloomington. “And I love DIY venues, so I’m excited.”

The Void does not book shows, but rather allows local promoters to put on events. All of the workers are unpaid volunteers.

“If people come, they should expect to get their minds totally blown,” Isabel said when describing the band’s stage presence. “Their skin will be melted off. They will have no skin. So if you want to become a skeleton, you should come to our show.”

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