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Mike Pence accepts vice presidential nomination under Donald Trump

Governor Mike Pence laughs on stage at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.
Governor Mike Pence laughs on stage at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.

CLEVELAND — Informing delegates unfamiliar with him that he is a “Christian, conservative and Republican, in that order,” Indiana Gov. Mike Pence accepted the vice presidential nomination under Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Wednesday night at the Republican National Convention.

Pence concluded Wednesday night’s speakers at the Republican National Convention, which also featured Ted Cruz.

“If you know anything about the Hoosier state, you know we like to compete, and we’re here to win,” Pence said. “You have nominated a man for president who never quits. He is a winner.”

Pence cited income tax cuts in Indiana among his 

He proposed a campaign focused on issues such as protection for veterans and police officers, education reform and domestic job creation for now until the November election.

“On issue by issue, Trump and I will take our case to the voters,” Pence said. “We will win the hearts and minds of the American people with a vision for a stronger and more prosperous America.”

Pence also spoke about taking steps to eradicate terrorist groups such as ISIS.

He also expressed support for Israel.

Pence expressed his faith multiple times during his speech, prompting the crowd to recite the end of the pledge of allegiance with him, beginning with “one nation, under god.”

Like many other speakers at the convention, Pence made sure to assert his opposition to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee 
Hillary Clinton.

“In the end, this election comes down to two names on the ballot,” Pence said. “So let’s vow to never let Hillary Clinton become president.”

Pence concluded his speech by assuring the Republican Party of his preparedness for the 

“We have but one choice, and that man is ready, this team is ready and this party is ready,” Pence said. “We will make America great again.”

Other speakers Wednesday included former politician Newt Gingrich, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and radio host Laura Ingraham. Most speakers used a portion of their time on stage to confirm their confidence in Trump instead of Clinton. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio did so in a video address.

“No more double standards for Clinton,” Walker said. “Why? Because America deserves better.”

In keeping with the night’s theme of “Make America First Again,” Colonel Eileen Collins, the first woman to pilot the space shuttle, spoke about promoting continued space program 

“Countries that are strong are countries that explore, invent and discover to remain resilient in a changing world,” Collins said. “We need programs that will make America’s space program first again.”

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