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Sunday, June 16
The Indiana Daily Student


Young artists having a pop-art exhibition in apartment

Two local artists will have a pop-up art exhibition titled “Look In My Eyes: Show Me Your Teeth.” The show will take place at 8 p.m. Friday, in apartment No. 1 of 732 E. Atwater Ave.

This exhibition is the brain-child of Joshua Byron, an IU senior studying Cinema Studies and Production. This pop-up gallery will be co-currated by Byron’s close friend and partner-in-crime, Rose Harding, who recently graduated from IU with a BFA in Sculpture.

The two artists said this exhibition is the first of a monthly series of art installments which they call 

“This series is focused on creating community and highlighting under appreciated concepts as well as under represented artists,” they said in an email. “We are also attempting to blur the lines between artist and non-artist and what expectations might be embedded within that identity.”

Byron and Harding said these unconventional exhibitions are a response to exclusionary gallery practices. They said they believe these practices establish an insider versus outsider binary, enabled by what the two refer to as a “cis-heteropatriarchy.”

Byron and Harding said they will create an alternative to the institutional white-walled gallery space. They said they intend to change this alternative space in order to fit the theme of each installment of SALON. For instance the exhibition this Friday night will take place in Harding’s apartment.

They revealed they do not intend to radically adjust Harding’s apartment to facilitate the show. Instead, the artists said keeping the apartment a loyal representation of Harding’s lifestyle is an important means of conveying the overarching message of this particular 

“We hope that viewers and participants leave the show considering what should and should not be shared, and how that is often damaging to the psyche,” said Byron and Harding in an email. “We wanted to have work shown in an intimate, private, home environment. We question what it means to publicize the home space, to make invisible experiences visible. What does it mean to look directly at what you’re meant to disregard?”

Though Byron and Harding will each be creating personal works to be displayed during the exhibition, there is also a long list of local artists who will also be invading Harding’s home. When asked how they found these artists, the two said they relied mostly on their personal networks, social media and fliers.

They also revealed they do not have a target audience, but only want to offer those who attend and participating artists something to consider or not consider.

“Overall we hope that the exhibition series leaves viewers answering some questions and asking even more,” Harding said.

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