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Naked man raided B-Town International Market sauce aisle

Felix Guan cleans the mess Sunday at B-Town International Market.
Felix Guan cleans the mess Sunday at B-Town International Market.

A naked man was taken to the hospital Sunday after ransacking the B-Town International Market sauce aisle.

Seungwoo Lee, 20, was allegedly on LSD and marijuana when he ran into the market and was arrested on charges of resisting law enforcement, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, public intoxication and public nudity.

Employees said they were standing in the market when Lee ran in the front door.

He was yelling as he ran to the candy display, which he tried shaking.

When it wouldn’t budge, he ran to the sauce aisle, store employee Shiyue Pei said.

Pei was working the cash register and saw the man run in from the parking lot.

She said she first felt scared, then shocked, as she and the other employees watched him destroy many bottles of sesame oil, jars of pork and bulgogi sauce and dduk bok-ki, a hot and spicy rice cake sauce.

Pei said he looked drunk and possibly high.

Once the shock subsided and the officers left, the employees made jokes about the naked man who had raided their workplace.

As the group swept the floor, clearing the area of broken glass, Pei laughed.

“I need to write a paper tonight,” said Pei, who is a computer science student at IU.

She said she was worried about feeling too distracted from the incident to be able to focus on her paper.

Lee created between $3,000 and $4,000 of damage to shelving, Bloomington Police Department Captain Steve Kellams said.

Lee stepped out of the building and was approached by officers, Kellams said.

Kellams said Lee charged an officer, grabbed the officer’s left shoulder and reached for the officer’s duty weapon.

Lee was subdued on the ground in the parking lot, where he bit the officer on the arm, Kellams said.

After BPD officers arrested the man, he was taken to the emergency room, Kellams said. Kellams said the man resisted officers.

“Looks like a hysterical male subject stripping and acting crazy,” Kellams said in an email.

Lee later told officers he had taken LSD and marijuana, Kellams said.

Though the losses included fine jars of international sauce, they were the only casualties of the night.

“Nobody got hurt,” the market’s owner said.

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