The Bloomington Songwriter Showcase to offer diverse musical performance for Monday.

Like almost every Monday, the Bloomington Songwriter Showcase will provide musical entertainment for the Bloomington ?community.

This Monday’s Bloomington Songwriter Showcase lineup will feature musical songwriters Steev Wisher, Tim O’Malley, Steve Goodie and Carla Ulbrich.

Like all other Songwriter showcases, the performance is set to take place at 8 p.m. at the Players Pub. There will be no cover charge.

Suzette Weakley, the talent coordinator and original founder of the Songwriter Showcase, said this performance will feature four different styles of songwriting all on one stage.

“I always love that we typically have four different styles of songwriting represented on one stage,” Weakley said. “Every showcase is different. This is typical for us. We try to book diverse showcases – it keeps everyone on their toes.”

Weakley said this week’s showcase will be diverse in musical genres, with artists playing music in the styles of comedy, blues, Americana and contemporary.

Steev Wisher is one of the three Bloomington Songwriter Showcase staff members and a talent scout for the organization.

He is also an award-winning songwriter who plays instrumental music with a guitar and several other instruments.

Tim O’Malley is an award-winning blues musician who has performed with many blues bands in Bloomington. He recently retired from working in bands to pursue songwriting.

Steve Goodie is both a comedian and a songwriter who is from Nashville, Tenn. He has received numerous accolades from Comedy Central, National Lampoon and Johnnie Walker comedy song competitions for his humorous music.

“Steve Goodie is a regular host at several showcases in Nashville, including the famous Bluebird Café, where several major songwriters got their start,” Weakley said. “Goodie always leaves his audience with a smile on their face and sore ribs from laughing.”

Carla Ulbrich is also a comedic musician from New Jersey. According to the Showcase website, Ulbrich specializes in making people laugh by writing about everything from having a wedgie to how rich she would be if she copyrighted certain swear words.

“Female singer-songwriters are much more difficult to find - the men outnumber us ladies significantly. I’m not sure why that is, but things seem to be improving on that front,” Weakley said. “Carla has collected her share of prestigious awards for her music. I for one look forward to meeting Carla Ulbrich and hosting her for her first visit to Bloomington.”

Ulbrich and Goodie are currently touring together. Weakley said she looks forward to seeing them on stage together along with Wisher and O’Malley.

Like every performance, the showcase will be set up and divided into sections where each musical act will go around and perform five to six songs for their individual set.

Donations will be accepted throughout the performance in order to support the musical acts.

With the Bloomington Songwriters Showcase, Weakley said she is pleased with the songwriters the Pub brings in and the appreciation the audience has for the songwriters.

“Our numbers are growing as we cultivate more interest in not only the Showcase, but in Bloomington as a place where quality original music is appreciated,” Weakley said. “Donations are often quite generous, so it’s worth the while for the writers who absolutely love a listening ?audience.”

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