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Thursday, May 30
The Indiana Daily Student


Holding student organizations responsible for creating unsafe environments

Until this year, Student Life and Learning did not publicly specify which fraternities were facing University sanctions due to allegations of sexual assault. The approach was to investigate the student organization under any allegations and, if an event was determined to have contributed to unsafe conditions through the serving of alcohol, the student organization was sanctioned, said Dean Veldkamp, assistant dean of students and director of Student Life and Learning, in an email.

Because of new federal guidance, the University adjusted its review process in fall 2014 to also hold a student organization accountable for creating an unsafe environment in connection to a personal conduct incident.

These are now reflected as follows:

Allegation of drugging


Allegation of Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault

Since then, IU is currently investigating three student organizations and has held three groups accountable this academic year.

The groups that have been held accountable are:

Delta Chi: Unsafe environment that resulted in an allegation of drugging.

Men’s Rugby Club: Unsafe environment that resulted in an allegation of drugging.

Sigma Phi Epsilon: Unsafe environment that resulted in a sexual assault and alcohol violation.

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