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Thursday, May 23
The Indiana Daily Student


C-sections should be celebrated

Few would dare to contest the beauty surrounding ?pregnancy and birth.

The ability for a woman’s body to carry and nurture the development of a new child is absolutely extraordinary.

Unfortunately, much of this fascination can become lost in the critiquing and shaming of how some women deliver their newborns: Cesarean section.

Cesarean section, or C-section, is a major surgery that involves the delivery of an expectant mother’s baby or babies.

The surgeon passes through the abdomen to access the uterus, allowing delivery via as little as one ?incision per location.

While it has existed for centuries, relatively recent advances have greatly increased the safety and predictability of C-section ?deliveries.

In the United States, about one in four births occur via C-Section. Most arise from an emergency situation during delivery, though others are planned in advance due to existing or predicted complications.

Various health issues on behalf of either the infant or mother can necessitate a C-section to help ensure a safe delivery for all involved.

Recently, strong pushes in our culture for women to embrace a more “natural” gestation and delivery process has placed an increasing amount of stigma upon C-section ?deliveries.

Women are made to feel ashamed for not being able to deliver their child or children vaginally and are quickly bombarded with endless statistics regarding all of the benefits they have “failed” to provide for their children.

This pressure is not only ridiculous, but it also may contribute to postpartum ?issues.

A new mother has supported her infant and allowed it to grow in the intimate safety of her womb for as long as possible.

Because of her sacrifice and that of those who support her, she has literally brought new life into the world.

This should be the last moment in a woman’s life that she be tainted by shame. Unfortunately, our culture cannot seem to allow even one moment of beauty be realized in a woman’s life ?without contest.

On paper, C-section deliveries are not preferable to a standard vaginal birth.

There are certain risks that are elevated by this form of delivery, such as the formation of a weak spot on the uterus or an increased amount of recovery.

But the simple fact that mothers with unique pregnancy situations can still deliver their children in safety is truly phenomenal and should not be overshadowed by regret surrounding the method of delivery.

The next time you discuss C-section deliveries with someone, remember that C-sections are not negative situations.

They are simply another method to reach the same beautiful end.

Do not express disappointment or shock. Instead, offer the mother the support and celebration she truly ?deserves.

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