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Saturday, June 15
The Indiana Daily Student

What's wrong with Wonder Woman


Perhaps the most prevalent example of over-sexualization in our culture, redesigns of comic characters, are at it again.

Wonder Woman will be featured in a new DC movie that potentially pits Superman and Batman against each other, according to .

DC and Marvel Comics have made a successful living on the over-sexualization of their comic book characters since their 1934 and 1939 founding.

Their depictions of superhero anatomy can reach comedic levels of distortion. Bicep muscles the size of watermelons, breasts the size of bicep muscles.

Although society is radically different 80 years later, somehow we still find ourselves gaping at the newest redesign of one of the two comic companies’ signature characters.

That brings us to today’s debacle, in which Wonder Woman finds herself as this year’s contestant for yet another waist shrinking and chest expansion.

I’m not a prude. I’m also not one of those women who don’t shave their legs or shop because it’s “antifeminist” or whatever. I understand that in the world of market and design, female characters will be designed attractively. The same goes for males.

However, DC and Marvel Comics have both taken this concept and gone too far with it.

Wonder Woman is a female superhero. There are two parts to the title.

Yes, of course she should be designed and illustrated in a way that does depict she is a woman, but how in the world is she displayed as a superhero, a fighter of worldwide crime?

The cape attached to her back and the insignia on her uniform does just about as much for her credibility as her left foot.

She’s fictional, obviously. Many people out there don’t see this as an issue of great importance because, yes, Wonder Woman does not exist.

However, the boys and girls who read these comics or attend these films won’t see Wonder Woman for what she could be — a female equivalent to Batman or Spiderman’s integrity and resilience — but a hot brunette with a small waist, huge boobs and a strapless swimsuit for a uniform.

I mean, I wore strapless to the prom one year, and I could barely dance and make it in and out of the limo without adjusting it no less than 200 times.

Wonder Woman sure couldn’t save the world like that, now could she?

I appreciate the constant redesign of classic characters.

But it’s time to give her an outfit and a realistically proportional body so we can all focus on the magic of her golden lasso and leave the sexualization unillustrated.

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