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We’re all Hoosiers, but that doesn’t mean we’re all the same kind of Hoosier. Every student has their own experiences and plans for what they will get out of their time spent here.  So if there were an IU tradition that best captured the kind of Hoosier you are, what would it be? Take this quiz to find out.


Answer the multiple choice questions below. As you make your selections, keep track of your cream number and your crimson number.

Your cream number is on a scale from quirky to classic. Your crimson number measures how calm or crazy you are.

When you finish, total your separate cream numbers and crimson numbers to find your coordinates on the grid above.

The tradition nearest to your point is the IU tradition that best fits you.

1. What did you do most this summer?

A. Adventured                                         (Cream -1, Crimson +1)

B. Worked                                                 (Cream +1, Crimson -1)

C. Chillaxed around the house                  (Cream +1, Crimson +0)

D. Attended every concert I could              (Cream -1, Crimson )

2. What do you hope to do with your ?degree?

A. Research                                     (Cream -1, Crimson -1)

B. Make the big bucks                     (Cream +1, Crimson +1)

C. Get a job... hopefully...?              (Cream +0, Crimson +0)

D. Change the world                        (Cream -1, Crimson +1)

3. What do you do with your free time?

A. Whoop it up with my friends              (Cream +0, Crimson +1)

B. Whoop it up with Netflix                    (Cream -1, Crimson -1)

C. Attend a comedy show                    (Cream -1, Crimson +0)

D. What free time?                               (Cream +0, Crimson -1)

4. If your housing allowed pets, what would ?your pet be?

A. Cat                   (Cream -1, Crimson -1)

B. Iguana              (Cream -1, Crimson +0)

C. Dog                 (Cream +1, Crimson +1)

D. Fish                  (Cream +0, Crimson -1)

5 . Choose an IU alumnus or alumna.

A. Suzanne Collins             (Cream +0, Crimson -1)

B. Kevin Kline                      (Cream +1, Crimson +1)

C. Leslie Knope                  (Cream -1, Crimson +1)

D. Ryan Murphy                 (Cream , Crimson +0)

6. Which building do you see the most each ?week?

A. Ballantine Hall               (Cream +1, Crimson +0)

B. Woodburn Hall             (Cream +1, Crimson +0)

C. Jordan Hall                  (Cream +0, Crimson -1)

D. Sycamore Hall              (Cream -1, Crimson -1)

7. What is your favorite season on campus?

A. Spring                 (Cream +0, Crimson +1)

B. Summer              (Cream +0, Crimson -1)

C. Fall                     (Cream +1, Crimson +0)

D. Winter               (Cream -1, Crimson -1)

8. What’s your favorite establishment on ?Kirkwood Avenue?

A. The Big Cheese              (Cream +1, Crimson +0)

B. Kilroy’s                            (Cream +1, Crimson +2)

C. The Village Deli              (Cream +0, Crimson -1)

D. Soma                             (Cream -1, Crimson -1)


Indiana Memorial Union (0, 0)

It looks like you’re a well-rounded Hoosier. The heart of the IU campus is the perfect fit for you, as you can find just about anything at the IMU, whether you’re curling up by the fireplace to study or napping in the east mezzanine lounge to recover from a wild weekend.

Little 500 (6, 6)

You live and breathe for the excitement of the IU scene. You aren’t really fighting the current, but you and the rest of your large crowd love to celebrate being a Hoosier and — well — celebrating.

The late night at Wells Library (6, -6)

You know that coffee is on sale until midnight and that the B in Herman B Wells doesn’t stand for anything. You don’t have time for regular raging because an exam or paper is always around the corner.

The Cheshire Café (-6, -6)

The specialty coffees have a theme each week, and there are plenty of tables to read, write, play Magic the Gathering or discuss lofty things with your chums. You know this place is one of the school’s best kept secrets.

Lotus Fest (-6, 6)

Tickets sell out quickly for this weird and wonderful showcase of world music and arts. It is a lot of unbridled creative energy as well as a spectacle for the eyes and a symphony for the ears.

A dip in Showalter Fountain (0, 5)

You might be cooling off by just dipping in your toes or having an all-out splash blast with your friends. While you’re here, you just know that this is what it feels like to be a Hoosier.

Culture Shock (0, 5)

Is WIUX throwing a free music festival in Dunn Meadow your idea of a good time? Of course it is! It’s a great way to enjoy the campus transitioning into spring and to do so with great music and friends.

The IU Art Museum (0, -5)

You’re not that person who cuts through to shave some time off of your Kelley-to-Woodburn dash. You came for the art but stayed for the acclaimed I.M. Pei architecture. There’s something about the vast collection of works old and new from around the world and the natural light of the atrium that keeps you coming back.

Nutella Fest (-5, 0)

Living-Learning Communities are a little out-there by default, especially Collins LLC. If you identify with their annual festival in honor of a European chocolate and hazelnut spread, then you have found your IU tradition.

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