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Friday, May 24
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Strategic Plan could expand Hutton's role


The Hutton Honors College might take on a larger role if Provost Lauren Robel’s draft of the campus strategic plan is approved.

Increasing interdisciplinary education and opportunities is an idea highlighted throughout the strategic plan under many objectives.

One particular piece of this effort is the establishment of Hutton Honors College as a “central hub for interdisciplinary curricula.”

Students from almost all schools on campus and the College of Arts and Sciences take courses through the Honors College, Dennis Groth, vice provost of undergraduate education and co-chair of the undergraduate life committee, said, and the College has an opportunity to create curricular offerings that explicitly accomplish interdisciplinary learning.

“We see tremendous interest and value in providing pathways for students that go beyond the standard major,” Groth said.

With many students pursuing multiple majors or multiple minors, an environment that fosters interdisciplinary learning is something IU needs, he said.

“It will support students who wish to find ways to tie together their multiple passions and interests within their academic experience,” he said.

A value for interdisciplinary and multifaceted knowledge is present in the Hutton Mission Statement.

“We strive to ensure an enriched academic and social experience for our
students and to create an environment that fosters active, innovative learning,” the
document states.

While Hutton will certainly become a large part of the push for interdisciplinary learning, Groth said he expects new opportunities forged between the College and the other schools at IU will also create opportunities for non-honors students.

Groth said enhanced interdisciplinary education was asked for by students, faculty and staff.

“We heard this very clearly during our exploration of the undergraduate experience,” he said. “In other words, students, faculty and staff said it was important. We heard them loud and clear and are eager to pursue this theme.”

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