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Hutton art shown at 'HHART'

Art work "Light in Cupped Hands" by Marcus Wadell is displayed at Indiana University Hutton Honors College art showcase gala on Thursday.
Art work "Light in Cupped Hands" by Marcus Wadell is displayed at Indiana University Hutton Honors College art showcase gala on Thursday.

Chemistry major Andjela Radmilovic spends most of her time in labs, but in between studying chemical bonds and formulas, she finds time to express herself through art.
Hutton Honors College was host to HHART, which stands for Hutton Honors art. Its Hutton’s fourth annual Art Gala, at 7:30 p.m. Thursday. Students of several different majors had their art work displayed at the gallery.

IU junior Andjela Radmilovic said she has been involved in the gala for three years and displayed one painting at the event.

The painting was for her sister, she said, who moved into a new apartment in Chicago and had a blank wall to fill with a painting.

Her sister planned to buy a piece somewhere until Radmilovic promised to make her the painting.

The piece was based on a candid photo taken of the two on a boat, and she used last night’s event to surprise her sister, who came to visit and see the show.

HHART’s main goal is to showcase student’s art, which usually doesn’t get as much attention as work from art majors, IU senior Nicole Silvernell, committee chair of the event, said.

“It gives students a way to actually showcase their work and not be judged by it,” Silvernell said.“You don’t have to be an art major. We really just want to show that what you do in your spare time actually means something.”

The English major has been involved with HHART since her freshman year and said she is really passionate about it.

HHART began in 2010 and has since displayed a large variety of art forms including dance, singing, film, dress designs, paintings, drawing, poetry, screenplays and band performances.

Biochemistry major Taylor Harmon has been involved for three years and plays at the gala with his blues band, “Lost Catfish.”

His band started in 2011 after he met his other member, Jack Whittle, in Eigenmann Residence Hall his freshman year.

After performing at HHART their freshman year, they’ve been asked back to perform every year since.

“A lot of people who perform at the event aren’t even music or art majors,” Harmon said. “I think it’s great because it allows people who otherwise wouldn’t have a medium of expression for their art to showcase it.”

Harmon was one of about 20 performance artists playing last night, and one of about 60 students participating overall.

“I love HHART because it allows people to see how multitalented college students are,” Radmilovic said. “People have various interests and I love that this celebrates that.”

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