More than ramen

No matter how well you plan, most students run into money problems sometime throughout their college career.

There’s always that old friend you can count on, though. Ramen noodles are an inexpensive staple that fill you up when ends don’t quite meet.

Some people could never get sick of the microwave-friendly dish, but in case that’s not you, here are some ways to jazz up your noodles.

Raw ramen snack

Forget waiting for popcorn to pop. Break up a brick of ramen and snack straight from the bag.

Pepperamen pizza

Add boiled noodles to a pan of hot oil and spices, spread the mixture out in a springform pan and top with whisked egg and a spice packet. 

Place it in the oven, and five minutes later you’ve got a pizza crust. Top with your favorite toppings and enjoy.


With varieties including pretzel, ciabatta and even tortilla, it seems the alternative bun craze knows no end.

Instead of putting a patty in a white or wheat bun, toast up some seasoned ramen in the oven and chow down.

Ramen-fried chicken

Prepare this prized poultry as you normally would. When it comes to coating, used crushed ramen instead of flour or bread crumbs.

This dish might just be the comfort you need as a struggling student away from home.

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