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Saturday, April 20
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Man arrested for domestic battery, confinement

Police arrested Levi Douglas, 28, after he reportedly refused to let a 24-year-old woman leave the residence Monday night, Bloomington Police Department Sgt. Joe Crider said.

Douglas has been preliminarily charged with domestic battery, intimidation, confinement and resisting law enforcement.

Officers responded at approximately 10:38 p.m. Monday to the 1100 block of North Grant Street where the woman reported she was in an argument with Douglas as she was packing her belongings in order to leave the residence, Crider said.

Douglas reportedly became upset, grabbed a phone charger cord exposed from the victim’s backpack and swung at her with it several times, striking her lower right leg, Crider said.

The victim reported that Douglas stood in the way of the front door, locking both locks to prevent her from leaving.

During a second argument, she reports Douglas struck her, grabbed her by her hair and pushed her over a living room couch arm, which caused her to hit her head on the floor. Douglas then reportedly again grabbed the victim by the hair as she was on the floor, striking her head into the floor several times, Crider said.

The victim was reportedly able to flee the apartment after Douglas stopped, and then called the police. She reported the two had been in a relationship for seven months, Crider said.

Douglas reported he was in an argument with the woman, and officers confirmed a scratch on his face which he said occurred during their argument near the door.

Based on both parties’ statements and injuries, police at the scene said they believed Douglas was the primary aggressor, and that the female resident was defending herself, Crider said.

Douglas reportedly failed to cooperate with the police during his arrest. As he was handcuffed, Douglas’ demeanor became “extremely irate,” and he said he “wasn’t going to jail.”

Police used a wrist lock and a second officer to detain Douglas at the scene. As he was being escorted to the squad car, Douglas reportedly told the woman he “would get her.”

Douglas was transported to the Monroe County Jail, where he reportedly continued to resist law enforcement. Police placed him in a restraint chair to protect him, Crider said.

— Jeff LaFave

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