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Sunday, April 21
The Indiana Daily Student

Pitch Perfect

pitch perfect

Remember when movies were light, simple and just generally entertaining? Think back to the 1990s and you might remember a few.

“Pitch Perfect” could be one of those ’90s movies, where the soundtrack was just as important as the plot, and humor was a constant, not an occasional, option. And that’s a good thing.

Kendrick plays a college freshman who just wants to be a DJ. Instead, her father forces her into the school’s failing a cappella group.

The group, led by Snow and Anna Camp, sing tired songs from years ago and needs a kickstart after a competition final goes awry. Enter Kendrick and the amazing Wilson, ready to change a capella.

Comedy and song ensues, and you won’t want the movie to end.

The audience was cheering by the conclusion of the movie and laughing along the way. Don’t expect anything deep, and you’ll leave loving it and humming for days.

By Christina Shelley

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