Hotel Transylvania


dracula Courtesy Photo

This is a kids’ movie with an interesting but poorly-used premise: Dracula (Sandler) runs a hotel for monsters, which doubles as a refuge from humans. When a human stumbles through the haunted woods into the hotel, Dracula has to hide him to protect the hotel’s reputation.

The first half is funny, with jokes about monsters vacationing and Dracula scrambling to hide the human from the monsters.

The second half is ruined by the awkward romantic subplot between the human and Dracula’s daughter.

This movie had a cute premise and a few funny running gags, but it really isn’t worth seeing if you’re older than 10.

I am not even sure what it was about. An overprotective dad learning to let his daughter leave the nest? True love? Or learning to live in harmony with people who aren’t like you?

By Victoria Fater

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