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Wednesday, April 17
The Indiana Daily Student

Worth the cross-over

Seeing double.

What with the Avengers running around fighting X-Men in between counting their box office receipts, it’s hard to tell Spider-Man’s celebrating his 50th anniversary. Now, we’ve been invited to Spidey’s own crossover party.

In the new five-issue series “Spider-Men,” Peter Parker is sucked from his universe and plopped into the middle of one inhabited by Ultimate Spider-Man’s pre-teen Miles Morales.

Sara Pichelli’s art is gorgeous, and Brian Michael Bendis proves he’s learned a thing or two from writing that “other” Spider-Man for 10 years.

Pichelli does her usual great work with facial expressions, but her city skylines are the real treat here, showing us just how different these two New Yorks are.

Look for her expressive characterizations to come in handy later as Peter learns more about a world in which he didn’t make it out of his sophomore year of high school — and the first love of his life is still alive.

A crossover that promises an emotional payoff and doesn’t require any tie-ins? Forget “Avengers vs. X-Men.” This could be the Ultimate comics event of the summer.

By Jake New

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