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Sunday, April 21
The Indiana Daily Student

Another motherless season


Currently signed on for a total of eight seasons, the CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” continues to generate laughs and cause viewers to perpetually ask themselves if they’ll ever actually meet the mother. Season six of the comedy was released on DVD last week and should not disappoint.

To keep avid watchers interested, some twists were added to the story. As main character Ted Mosby continues to tell the tale of how he met his kids’ mother, new characters Zoey and Nora are introduced as potential love interests. Lily and Marshall spend their evenings trying to get pregnant, and Robin finds a new job.

The show gets slightly dry at some points, as if the producers were scrambling to put material together. There are a few episodes throughout the season that leave a bit to be desired, but for the sixth season of a sitcom that has had the same ongoing theme throughout its entirety, it’s a solid installment to the series.

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