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Friday, June 14
The Indiana Daily Student

Assembly Hall repairs enter next phase

Assembly Hall

As IU’s basketball season started in early November, construction on the roof of Assembly Hall has made a step forward toward its completion.

Concerned about the possible damages caused by the deteriorating roofing system of the 77,000-square-foot arena, the IU Athletics Department and the University started to look at the problem seriously.

“We had experienced several leaks in numerous locations over the playing area and seating bowl, so that was our first phase, which started in May and ended in late September,” said Charles Crabb, assistant athletics director for facilities.

Crabb said the roof has not been replaced since its original construction in October 1971.

In March, American Structurepoint Inc., an Indianapolis-based architecture and engineering company, came to campus to evaluate the water damages the roof sustained through the years.

In the evaluation process, the company worked with another Indiana engineering company, Arsse Engineers, Inc., as well as IU’s University Architect’s Office and
Engineering Services, to overcome the challenges of getting access to the 100-foot concrete panel without disturbing the suspended roof deck cabling system.

“It’s a tricky project,” said Doug Brown, who is in charge of structure engineering at American Structurepoint.

He continued to explain that because of the  shape of the roof and the weather damage, extreme caution is required.

Brown explained  the complex architectural design of Assembly Hall and the renovations. There are four large steel masts angling upward from the bedrock underneath the building that join together in two X-shapes above the arena floor. They replaced damaged metal and  covered plates on the underside of the roof deck in the first phase starting in May, he said.

Brown said replacing the cover required building a large scaffolding system above the arena floor, which was a concern for them when they designed the project. But by working with roofing manufacturer and project contractor, Glenroy Construction Co., Inc., they performed successful adhesion tests on the new system and made sure it was fully mechanically fastened by the contractor.

In addition, the contractor also installed extra insulations to the roof in the first phase, aiming at better energy efficiency.

The three-month initial phase was completed in September before the basketball season kicked off. The project is entering the second phase, which includes
replacing the roofing systems on the lower north and south lobby roofs and the upper clerestory roof.

The University Architect’s Office said it was satisfied with the fact that the first phase was finished one week before deadline with good quality work and gave the go-ahead to the contractor and designers for the second phase.

“The contractor has almost all the north lobby roof done and now is working on the south lobby room,” Crabb said. “The clerestory will not be reroofed until after next year’s May Commencement ceremonies.”

Paul Sullivan, IU’s deputy vice president for Capital Projects and Facilities, said the second phase will not start until next spring.

“Weather must be 50 degrees or warmer for adhesive to work correctly,” Sullivan said.

“They were going to try to do some work before the weather changed, and there may still be some equipment on site, but I don’t think they are doing anything right now.”

Sullivan said the first phase cost $1,959,000, while the second one will cost $750,000. The budget is provided by the Athletics Department from the Assembly Hall Maintenance account.

Regarding the possible inconvenience brought by the construction, Crabb said the department has done several projects relocating various coaching staffs and support groups in Assembly Hall since the Memorial Stadium North End Zone Student-Athlete Development Center opened in August 2009 and Cook Hall opened in April 2010. 

“We are into our final phase of relocations which includes renovation of a large area for the ticket office, which will include five sales windows in the west lobby,”
Crabb said.

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