'Dark' album, bright future


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After four albums and a move to major label Universal, Anberlin seems poised to hit the big time with their latest release, “Dark is the Way, Light is a Place.”

That’s because “Dark” is simultaneously their poppiest and darkest record yet. Lead single “Impossible” showcases Stephen Christian’s smooth, assured vocals and certainly has Top-40 potential, while should-be follow-up single “Closer” has a deviously simple, bombastic chorus. There are a few experimental touches here too, including an African-inspired drum beat in “Pray Tell” and some understated electro pops in “Art of War.”

Midtempo songs are the order of the day, which makes this an album that doesn’t immediately grab you, but certainly rewards repeated listens. There isn’t a truly bad song here.

I fervently hope this album brings Anberlin the recognition it has long deserved.

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