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An unholy 'Sunday'

Ice Cube (left) and Tracy Morgan star in Screen Gems' comedy FIRST SUNDAY.
Ice Cube (left) and Tracy Morgan star in Screen Gems' comedy FIRST SUNDAY.

You know a movie is bad when its best parts are crammed in the previews. Although "First Sunday" has plenty of potential, it is an utter disappointment. Ice Cube and Tracy Morgan star as Durell and LeeJohn, childhood best friends and partners in crime. When Durell learns that he could lose his son if he doesn't pay a $17,000 debt, he and LeeJohn do the most logical thing they can: rob a neighborhood church. The two spend the night with church members, including Katt Williams as Rickey. Needless to say, hilarity does not ensue.\nBoth co-stars portray the same role they have been playing for years. Durell is a tough guy with surprising intellect and compassion, while LeeJohn is a village idiot. Alas, both actors are fully capable of playing characters with humor and substance, but the film won't allow it. Morgan, for example, is naturally hilarious in all his lunacy, but not when dumbed down for the sake of easy laughs. His flaw in film is akin to that of Chris Rock, who is far better in his raw comedy than in his scripted movies, which seem forced and unnatural. \nWriter and director David E. Talbert is also capable of much more than "First Sunday" suggests. Although this is his first attempt at film, he is a successful playwright who has been noted for his transformative urban plays, dubbed as inspirational and positive. Talbert lightly touches issues of fatherless sons and criminals in "First Sunday," but nothing in this film is inspirational. \n"First Sunday" is successful at being bad. And there is always a need for movies you can watch with your friends and mock shamelessly. Still, this category should usually be reserved for Lifetime movies and anything with Jamie Kennedy, instead of a feature-length waste of talent such as "First Sunday"

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