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Pac-Man Championship Edition: A+

I am excited to play Pac-Man again.\nI can barely believe it, but "Pac-Man Championship Edition" makes the nearly three-decade-old game new and fun to play again.\nLike the original, "Championship Edition" boils down to eating power pellets while chasing and being chased around a maze by ghosts.\nBut the action is kicked up a notch when the maze is constantly changing every time Pac-Man eats more fruit.\nAnd instead of having a set number of lives, the five modes here are timed, with the action getting faster and faster as the clock winds down.\nIt makes for an incredibly frantic experience akin to another Arcade hit, "Geometry Wars." \nAdd in some slightly updated graphics and a cool new electronica soundtrack, and you've got one of the best downloadable games out there.\nOverseen by Toru Iwatani, the original creator of Pac-Man, this is the first true sequel to the game that actually adds a few meaningful twists to the Pac-Man formula while staying true to its roots.\nThis could have probably been a full retail release, and it would have been worth a budget price. At $10 it's a steal and one of the best exclusives on the Xbox 360.

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