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Friday, May 24
The Indiana Daily Student

Why the Eagles will win

Forget the numbers, the stats and the fact that Tom Brady has never lost in the postseason. Forget that Corey Dillon has made the best team in the NFL better. Forget that Bill Belichick is perhaps the best schemer of a coach to ever grace the NFL. Forget that Terrell Owens won't be 100 percent on Sunday. Heck, forget that the Patriots are a better team than the Eagles. \nPhiladelphia will win the Super Bowl because this is the year of the underdog. The year of the dynasty killers.\nNeed some proof? The Pistons took out the storied Lakers in the NBA finals this summer. Some guys named Chauncey and Rip stole the title that already had the names Shaq, Kobe, Gary and Karl on it. Detroit's win ended the zen master Phil Jackson's quest for a 10th NBA title and at this moment, his coaching career. The win also catalyzed the divorce of Shaq and Kobe's rocky marriage and the Los Angeles Lakers as we knew them. \nHow about those BoSox? Down three games to nothing, they mounted the greatest comeback in sports history to take out the evil empire in the New York Yankees. A bunch of unshaven scrubs took out the pretty boys from the Bronx. They continued on their magic trip by sweeping the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series.\nDonovan F. McNabb and his teammates are hungry for more than chunky soup. They want a Super Bowl title. Coming so close the last three years only not to make it to the big dance, they are ready to tango their way to the Vince Lombardi trophy. If they can control the clock, something the AFC teams couldn't do against the Pats, the game is theirs for the taking. \nSo how will the game end? I see a missed kick by Adam Vinatieri in the closing seconds that would have tied the game. It's only fitting in a sports year filled with the unexpected.

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