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'Rise to Flop'

"Rise to Honor," an action game based on martial artist Jet Li, is a game of average size, average graphics, average sound and average carpentry skills which Sony parlayed into a gaming experience which some might say is … "Quite Excellent." Or at least that's what the enforcer Arn Anderson would say. Any gamer will fess up that the game is mildly entertaining at best. \nWith gameplay comprised of about 2/3 beat-'em-up and 1/3 "Max Payne" meets "Metal Gear" but not quite as good as either of them action, "Rise to Honor" seems novel for about the first 30 minutes. Perhaps the coolest feature of the game is its incorporation of the right analog stick. Simply tapping the stick in the direction of an assailant triggers a barrage of kung fu antics, allowing for attacking multiple surrounding enemies during a single combo. However, input is restrained to both analog sticks and two shoulder trigger buttons, and using the same button to hide, jump, pickup weapons and block becomes quite annoying.\n"Rise to Honor" is presented interestingly, aping an action film DVD with plenty of cut scenes and voice acting, and even a chapter selection menu and "DVD extras." But as a result of the game's limited control scheme and repetitive gameplay, a rental is recommended as the game becomes quite worthless after the novelty of watching Jet Li beat up the Foot Clan wears off.

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