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Boy Scouts don't deserve criticism

Since I can remember, my parents and my brother have been involved in boy scouting/cub scouting. It makes me furious that the Boy Scouts of America is under attack. They are a private organization and like any other private organization, are not funded by the state. \nThe state has no place in deciding the rules of a private organization. Boy Scouts learn good moral character and, above that, they learn Godliness. How can you expect an organization that is based on good Christian morals to undermine their faith in order to alleviate complaints from homosexuals? I have no problem with gay people. In fact, my best friend is gay. This, however, is not an issue of gay or anti-gay. It is an issue of morals. \nNo one would expect an advocated atheist to walk into a church and be welcome. Until the Christian community can accept homosexuals as Godly people, it would be wrong to ask them to go against their faith because the United States has deemed it politically incorrect! This is not something that can be done in a short time. Religion does not change at the drop of a hat. \nOne last thing. Would you consider it discrimination if I, as a white person, walked into the NAACP office and they told me I didn't belong there because the organization was founded specifically for "colored people"? How is this any different?

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