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More people watching Olympics on the Web

Graduate student Madhusudhan Govindaraju watches the Olympics without a television. He wants to see the event which happens once in four years instantly. "I check out the results on the Web, as I believe in finding out results live," he said.

Price of oil riles Europe

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries stranglehold on the world's oil supply has sent waves of distress across the world, reminiscent of those from the oil crisis in 1979.

Wall Street prepares for another turbulent week

This week, investors might start bargain hunting, picking up stocks that have declined six in value. But the market is approaching a time when companies report they will be unable to meet their expected earnings. Investors fear rising energy costs and a weak Euro will have a negative impact on companies.

Internet ads fail to attract

As U.S. Internet advertising revenue dropped 7.6 percent to $1.41 billion in August, some might worry about the continuing economic prosperity of "dot-com" businesses in the current climate. But others speculate that it is just another reminder that no corporation, online or otherwise, is invincible.

Watch out bookstores, E-books are now here

Forget about flipping through a book: more and more people are scrolling through them. The electronic publishing industry is growing, thanks to new technology and online school books.

Military enlistment increases in recent years

By listening to Lt. Col. Walter Pollard of the IU Military Science Department, one is apt to find a statement echoed by many armed forces personnel and statistics. "There had been a decline in the number of recruits in the past five years, but then we've been on the upswing," Pollard said.

Summit ends, Buddhist leaders say injustice continues

A Buddhist monk living at the Tibetan Cultural Center in Bloomington, Geshe Jimpa Sonam feels unsettled. Today's concluding peace summit that has excluded the Dalai Lama reminds him of the political tensions between China and Tibet. The Millennium World Peace Summit includes dignitaries from the Vatican, Moslem World League and the World Jewish Community. The summit's goals are to use religion as a roadway to peace.

Estate tax bill reaches Clinton

The estate tax bill impacts a small percentage of people, but John Hostetler (R-8th) said it's enough to hurt Indiana farmers and small business owners. Hostetler is calling on President Bill Clinton to accept rather than veto the bill, which would eliminate estate taxes ' laws that require heirs to pay taxes on their inheritance. The Republican Party sent the bill to Clinton Wednesday. Clinton promised to veto the measure.

Parliament to decide on human cloning legislation

Britain could be the first country to authorize human cloning if legislation passes in Parliament to amend the current ban. Despite the current move, not everyone in the biology field agrees.

Tragedy in Bahrain

The situation continues to grow bleak as rescue workers search for answers to explain why Gulf Air Airbus A320 crashed into the Persian Gulf Wednesday night.

Media ignore privacy issues

Though millions of Americans are slowly having their medical and credit records and even the food they eat recorded in corporate databases, news coverage of the computer privacy debate is limited.

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