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Opposing viewpoints: What did Big Bird do to you?

The nation is in a deficit and we need to save as much money as possible, but cutting a program that doesn’t even register as a percentage point is too much, especially when that funding is so vital.

Gays vs. Quacks

Brown himself said conversion therapy belongs “to the dustbin of quackery,” and I hope any decent mind can agree with this.

Getting the Latino vote

If Romney is able to lay out a more specific message on immigration, he might be able to attract more Latino voters tired of and disappointed by Obama’s inaction on
issues of immigration.

Humanism and "Bachelorette"

 I call myself a humanist. This philosophy occurred to me the other week wile I was watching a new film called “Bachelorette,” written and directed by Leslye Headland.

Victim blaming and the American dream

Instead of chastising the victim, we need to focus on who committed the real wrong.  
Rewriting part of the American identity and ripping off this psychological blanket may be hard, but it is necessary to affect the right kind of change.

Mitt's Medicare misfortunes

Rather than focusing on criticizing Obama’s plan, the GOP campaign needs to elaborate on the positives of its approach. They need to find a way to bring older voters back into the Republican fold if they want a chance of winning. And the GOP knows this is a bigger issue than Romney’s win in November.

Leslie Knope faces reality

The government can be good in small doses (and is, at times, essential). But serving the people giant portions of it denies them the option of using their God-given talent and drive to achieve something.

It's science!

Just say yes to research

Shady reputations, socially-cultivated stigmas and disputable scheduling regulations should not hinder scientists from researching any substance that could save, extend and improve human life.

Filth for tv

These aren’t characters on a screen. They’re real people who suffer real consequences.

Myopic Mitt

The answer isn’t just to cut these people off.  The answer is to change their minds about the right path to prosperity.

Hollywood's racist hall pass

It seems like we give our white, male, upper-class celebrities a pass when it comes to problems with mental illness, aggression, violence, addiction and abuse.

Zeppelin politics

I simply don’t see the point of sitting through all these speeches when we all know politicians are telling us only what they’ve been told is okay to tell.

The RNC Infomercial

The Grand Old Party must deal not only with the usual myriad of expenses, protesters and security details, but, like the planners of the Democratic convention, must grapple with a declining audience.

Why you should care about Ann Romney

With the Republican National Convention this week, all eyes will turn toward presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Perhaps they should instead be on the woman by his side, his wife, Ann Romney.

Lessons from Honey Boo Boo

In exchange for cash, the Thompson family willingly validates the destructive lifestyle of the typical American family.


Stupid knows no bounds

Unfortunately for me, I identify with Akin’s party. Republicans and conservatives must deal with the repercussions of his idiocy.

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