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Republicans' new responsibility

The Republicans have regained a majority in the Senate in a chain of resounding wave election victories.

Open Competition as 'Competition Law'

A recent story in the Wall Street Journal highlights the “growing roster of countries” that now want a say in the world’s major corporate mergers.

Response to 'Government spending'

I couldn't help but cringe at Cameron Gerst's recent rant against the funding of an NSF grant about bicycle dynamics.

Thinking outside the resume

When applying for summer internships, we all ask ourselves the same questions: “What do I want to do?” “Where do I want to be?” “Could I see myself working there?” And though many of us hope for it to be a fun, networking experience or a potential job

Lynching young black boys without ropes and trees

Recently in Chicago, a city where only 9% of 8th-grade Black boys read proficiently and where thousands of Black boys have been killed and maimed over the past few years, the MacArthur Foundation passed out “Genius Awards” to people who were musicians, authors, scientists and poets.

In response: 'Jesus take the wheel'

In something that we have come to expect from Riley Zipper, he has written an extremely flippant article rife with non sequiters.

IU upset

As a Mizzou alum and ardent football fan, I'd like to speculate that this year's Indiana squad is going to have a really fine football season if it continues to play as it did last Saturday.

Using our resources for other purposes

The recent decision of President Obama to employ U.S. resources to combat the Islamic State has dominated the news over the past week.

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