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Friday, June 21
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A new hope


An 83-year-old coach and a high school freshman have resurrected a basketball team.

This deer visits the backyard of a resident in a Bloomington neighborhood. This year, there were 62 deer killed in the deer culling, defined as the reduction of a population of (a wild animal) by selective slaughter, in Monroe County.

Cull of the wild


The Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department announced Thursday the deer cull has ended.

Nicole Allen recounts all the items she has packed away for her visit over Thanksgiving Break. She tried not to forget important things like books, movies and a homemade pumpkin pie that was given to her for her birthday.  These were all the items she needed to make herself feel at home in a house far away from home.



Thousands of college students struggle to maintain the delicate balance between affording housing and education. But few people know it.

Off stage

After the loss of three professors in four months in 2016, IU’s ballet department was left with just one senior faculty member. Almost two years after the implosion, here's how the department is trying to rebuild.

Dreamers deferred

Three months ago, President Trump repealed Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which allowed hundreds of thousands of immigrants brought to the United States by their parents as children to go to college and find jobs. Without congressional action, these students will have to return to countries they no longer remember 

Senior guard Robert Johnson goes up for a layup during the Hoosier Hysteria scrimmage on Oct. 21. Johnson is one of several IU men's basketball seniors in their final year with the program.

Men's basketball season preview

 As the 2017-18 season gears up, Coach Archie Miller and the IU men's basketball team look to return to the NCAA tournament. Read on for previews, tours, insights, players to watch and more. 

Something in the night

Something in the night

Scientists paid little attention to bats until a decade ago, when a disease called white nose syndrome started wiping out populations across the United States. Now, researchers race against time to find out what bats — and their disappearance — mean for the world at large.


The system

This is a four-part series about IU's system of sexual assault investigations. In a heated national conversation, criticism of university sexual assault investigations is multiplying. IU is no different. Students on both sides — those who have reported and have been accused — say IU’s system can do better.


Blockbusters visualized

Hollywood movies make a lot of money. But they don't make any sense. 


"I just want it to end."

For years, Amanda Grant lived in fear of her father and his rage. Now, at 19, she’s suing him for the abuse she suffered. 


Bob Knight's last fight

Bob Knight couldn't control that he would grow old one day. He just didn't get to grow old how he planned. 


Primary care

This is the fourth installment in an IDS series covering the opioid epidemic across Indiana. Will  Cooke is the only doctor in Austin, Indiana, a city that in 2015  experienced the worst HIV outbreak in US history. Two years later, his  work is still not done.


The third life of Darryl Pinkins

After 25 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit, Darryl Pinkins is  finally free. Now he's starting over in a world that did not wait for  him.


Lady in the van

This is the third installment in an IDS series covering the opioid epidemic across Indiana. Two  years ago, Brittany Combs would have been scared to drive into  neighborhoods populated by drug addicts. But now, she makes sure she's  there every week, trying to save their lives.


The 2017 Oscars

Brush up on everything from red carpet predictions to the uncertain legacy of "La La Land."


Close to home

This is the second installment in an IDS series covering the opioid epidemic across Indiana. Public  health nurse Jackie Crane sees addiction and overdose at work every  day. She never thought she'd see it happen to her own son.


End of the fall

This is the first installment in an IDS series covering the opioid epidemic across Indiana. The  opioid epidemic ravages southern Indiana. Debate remains among  lawmakers and advocates as to how it should be handled. And in the  middle of it all, people with addictions brace for impact.



President Trump signed an executive order January 27, 2017 prohibiting  all citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from traveling to the US  for 90 days. Following the order, protests erupted across the  nation. The IDS sent reporters to cover protests and monitored the  reactions of policy-makers and educators on social media. This is what  they saw. 


The inauguration of Donald Trump

The IDS sent a team of journalists to cover the inauguration. Here is a  compilation of their reporting from the weekend of Jan. 20, 2017.