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Waltzing around the law

The Republicans in the state legislature are at it again, essentially sprinting away from ethics scandals in hordes.

Recycling needs to expand beyond campus

My fellow columnist Natalie Rowthorn wrote last week about the need for easy access to recycling, or at least more awareness of the need to recycle, on campus.Her point was great, more than, and I agreed wholeheartedly with it.

Lessons to learn

Only one in four American millennials is “definitely” planning on voting this year, according to a Harvard University Institute of Politics poll.

Government spending in the wrong places

Government spending is out of balance. The National Science Foundation, an independent federal agency with a budget of $7.2 billion in fiscal year 2014, spent $300,000 to research how humans interact with bicycles.

Blasting Miss America

Miss America has become a controversial conversation topic lately, and it doesn’t have anything to do with her evening wear.The newly crowned Miss America Kira Kazantsev has been accused, with pretty significant force, of extreme sorority hazing during her time as a member of the Alpha Phi sorority at Hofstra University.

Federal infiltration

It is estimated that more than 100 college campuses nationwide, including no less than five Indiana college police departments, have scored surplus war-fighting equipment through deals with the Pentagon, according to

Channing Patatum

It seems every time I log onto Twitter or Facebook I see some nonsense article such as, "7 signs you're in a perfect relationship" or "Thirteen potatoes that look like Channing Tatum".

Frats take a pledge

Sexual assault is a serious problem on college campuses across the country, and IU is no exception.

Yes means yes

Yes means yes.These three words, small but mighty, are the backbone

Getting a makeover

There are a lot of people frustrated with our government. Maybe it’s party bickering, maybe it’s a lack of transparency, maybe it’s our huge debt.

The Cuddlr creeps

A few weeks ago, an app came out that is designed for strangers to meet and cuddle. It’s called Cuddlr.

Give me soda or give me death

On Tuesday, the soda companies PepsiCo., Coca-Cola, and the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group announced that they, through a combination of marketing, packaging and distribution, will attempt to cut the number of calories consumed by the average American from sugary drinks by 20 percent.

What do the DOE and guns have in common?

It seems that I have to keep writing columns about how over-militarized our country is, and yet no one really seems to pay attention. Well, now it seems that the government has gone as far as to give bookkeepers submachine guns.

Gimmick or act of genius?

Imagine watching your favorite movie in black and white and without dialogue. What would change? You would certainly notice things you hadn’t noticed before: the nuance of the actors, the subtlety of the director’s choices in lighting, staging, etc., the austerity of the colorless world in which the film exists, and many other things.Or you would get bored.This is precisely what director Steven Soderbergh did to the 1981 Spielberg classic “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

The paradox of racial discourse

There has been a lot of controversy over the use of the word “redskins” – a racist slur towards Native Americans.

Assault and Pepper

Sam Pepper is under fire after posting an offensive “prank” video of him pinching women’s butts in public.The video features Pepper sporting a fake arm tucked inside a sweatshirt pocket.

Taking after Gamma Delta

Millennials are fast becoming one of the most depressed age groups in the country, according to the American College Counseling Association, which reported in 2012 that, since 2000, there has been a 16 percent increase in mental-health visits on college campuses.

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