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Allyson Mcbride

The yuppification of nudist arson

There are a few things in life that I'd like to do. I'd like to convince the editors at the Village Voice to allow me to report on the Mets. I'd like to discover a cure for sickle cell anemia, feed and clothe the homeless, find inner peace and come up with a really great recipe for beef cannelloni.

Knight rebuts 'zero-tolerance' claims

Bob Knight sat on his back porch Wednesday morning with his attorney to his left and one of his best friends to his right. His wife Karen was inside their home. These are now the people he surrounds himself with ' family, friends and attorneys. These are the relationships the former coach has sustained. After about three days of "I-said-he-said" debates, a man who is arguably one of the country's greatest basketball coaches, was fired. But the tension began long ago.

Baring for the Bursar Bill

Shay dances naked in a dark little bar filled with big talk, small talk, smoke and music. It's a place where half-naked women smile at red-faced men. It's a place where money, lots of money, is pushed between boobs, under g-strings and hidden in bras. Some love it, some hate it and a few who work or go there never admit it. Regardless, dancing at Night Moves pays Shay's bursar bill.

'Way of the Gun' heads in a confusing way

Bullets, blood and bag men compete for top billing in the dusty, craggy landscapes of California and Mexico as several equally malevolent criminal factions battle it out in "The Way of the Gun."

Night of Decades

So what parties are we going to be fashionably late to this weekend? Why not have a party themed after a certain decade?

Zellweger puts pulse into humorous 'Nurse Betty'

Fort Wayne auteur Neil LaBute's new film "Nurse Betty" has the most original and ingenious premise since last year's "Being John Malkovich." A modern-day "Wizard of Oz" meets "Don Quixote," "Betty" is an outrageous story in which the borderline between fantasy and reality ceases to exist, as the heroine's sheltered world faces the confrontation between romantic illusions and violent reality. The film itself is as sweet and funny as it is unnerving.


Bloomingtonfest offers up a weekend when no one can grumble: "There is nothing to do." The fest ' now in its third year ' brings in bands and musicians from all over the country and provides an entire weekend experience.

TV's better to read

With the exception of soaps and now "Survivor," summer television is usually a vast wasteland of reruns, clip shows, reality specials and brand new episodes of programs that were officially canceled after two shows in the fall. Consumed by boredom and needing something to fill some of my taste for quality comedy, drama and admittedly attractive men, I decided to turn myself over to a higher power: this summer I stopped watching TV.

Coyote Kilroy

The line of students snakes down the street and around the corner. As they get ready to enter the bar, it's easy to see why it is the second largest in Indiana. It's not even the weekend yet, and tonight 17 Kilroy's Sports bartenders will serve 1,500 people.

Chapman: All he needs is love

Myles Brand and Kent Harvey are near the top of the "People I really don't want to be this week" list. But both pale in comparison to number one ' our humanitarian friend Mark David Chapman.

Don't Watch

Some people were led to believe from the trailer that Keanu Reeves could actually be decent as the strangling serial killer in "The Watcher." Too bad they were wrong. This movie is so predictable viewers will be wondering where their two hours went, and not the least bit scared.

Knight returns to end campus riots

Sunday began with chants of "We want Bobby," continued with broken lamp posts, burning public figures in effigy and police in riot gear, and ended after midnight with coach Bob Knight telling Assembly Hall protestors to go home.

Details of Knight address

Former basketball coach Bob Knight will arrive at 6 p.m. today at Dunn Meadow. Knight will not be introduced but will take the podium as soon as he arrives.


Dear Sexpert, My boyfriend really wants me to perform oral sex on him, but I am a little unsure of my technique, because I don't have a lot of experience. So my question is, what's the best way to give a blow job? Lollipop

Knight rally at Nick's fizzles

It was nothing compared to Sunday's riots. No burned effigies of Myles Brand, no fish uprooted from Showalter Fountain, no police in riot gear.

Fellow coaches weigh in on Knight's future

Pure. Sensitive. Genius. It only took a few seconds for former Hoosier star Isiah Thomas to narrow Bob Knight down to those three words. Now Thomas wants those characteristics working for him and the Indiana Pacers.

Faculty Council, Brand discuss Knight

IU President Myles Brand made one of his first appearances on the Bloomington campus Tuesday since Sunday's firing of former basketball coach Bob Knight. Brand presided over the University Faculty Council's first meeting of the semester.

Fife, Moye to stay

Junior guard Dane Fife spent Monday night at a Bloomington comedy club. While he was sitting in the audience, the onstage comedian pleaded for Fife to stay at IU. The students in attendance then started cheering for Fife, who announced early in the day he was transferring from IU because of Bob Knight's removal as basketball coach.


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