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Allyson Mcbride

I pity the fool that watches 'Dawson'

Ladies, here's a piece of advice: If a guy tells you he watches "Dawson's Creek," it doesn't mean he's sweet or sensitive, he's just trying to get laid. This according to a male on my floor who watches the show and wishes to remain nameless. He's right. Can you think of another reason why a guy would watch a show in which Katie Holmes refuses to get naked?

True confessions from a 'Dawson's' addict

\"Dawson's Creek" might not be what a television critic would call "quality." Maybe it doesn't have "good ratings" or "intelligent plot lines." So "Dawson's Creek" is "sappy" and "unrealistic." Wait, scratch that, I think I've been watching too many of those Chris Farley news commentaries on the "SNL: Best of Chris Farley" tape my friend recently gave me for my birthday. Back to the real review.

Latex and Lace

What's the most important thing to know before you go to Eroticon? If you go, dress well, dress up, dress like you've never dressed before. "I tell people to go an extra step. Whether it be adding an accessory, taking off that extra piece of clothing or adding an inch to their makeup, pump it up that extra level," says Kelly McBride, Director of Lascivious Exhibitions, the organization that proudly brings Eroticon to Bloomington every fall -- including 9:30 p.m. Friday at Axis Nightclub.

Black eye

The Black Eyed Peas fall into a sophomore rut with Bridging The Gap. They write about being new to the music industry, neglecting the listeners by writing about what is familiar to them.

Excerpts from 'Out on Fraternity Row'

"Over the next few weeks, my ears became attuned to the references that were made about gays. Never once did I hear a positive one. The words "fag" came up as a derogatory term in every other sentence with certain brothers..."

Real American Hero

As a little kid I had an "A-Team" three-wheeler that I wore into the ground, racing around the block, terrorizing kids while singing the "A-Team" theme song. Thursday I finally had the chance to meet the man who once ran through a brick wall on screen.

Lecturers discuss coming 'out in greek life' as part of Pride Week 2000

Although he chooses to remain anonymous, he still shared his story Wednesday night, at a lecture called "Out in Greek Life." He joined a fraternity for brotherhood and leadership. He made many new friends, but became depressed his junior year. He felt he was living a lie. He was gay.

IUSA seeks tax-free books

Led by the IU Student Association, students are now one step closer to buying tax-free textbooks for their college courses. A petition drive, spearheaded by Benjamin Piper, a junior and IUSA director of legislative relations, is currently in its third week collecting signatures, which will be sent to the Indiana State Legislature to show support for the movement on campus.

NHL -- it's better than crack

Forget crack -- there's enough excitement in the NHL this year to make my heart explode, and it's completely legal. Besides, hockey doesn't cost a dime.

Northern Connections

University of Michigan alumni isn't the only group returning to Ann Arbor, Mich., for Homecoming this weekend.

Local band has big plans

Cream, King's X and Nirvana were all power trios that started low on the ladder in the dregs of their hometowns. But these bands rose out of their communities to become relatively famous in the history of rock music. The next group trying to claim their success is right here in Bloomington, the Deric Rush Band.

Red Sea offers good food, better atmosphere

I am proud to say I have been to almost every restaurant on Fourth Street, also known as Restaurant Row. I'm proud to say it because it means I've given my palate nice experiences, and it has broadened my horizons. But the other night I went to a small restaurant with cuisine I'd never eaten before. I hadn't even heard of it. I had no real idea of what to expect.

Hatfield plays old and new

Juliana Hatfield wandered around Second Story before Tuesday night's show started. She talked to friends and fans, and watched the Mysteries of Life's energetic set. A handful of Mysteries of Life fans danced in front of the stage, holding their beers. One excited fan in a gray sweatshirt, jumped up and down and did his own version of the bunny hop.

Dance Marathon not a battleground

I want to address a proposal a student made in the IDS concerning Dance Marathon ("Administration should appreciate greeks' activities," Oct. 3). A suggestion was made that the greek system should avoid participating in Dance Marathon to receive recognition from the administration. This is both disappointing and ineffective.

The world according to Pearl Jam

The world is not that complicated. When you actually break it down to its simplest form, it is really easy to figure out. The only thing you have to do is consult the all-powerful voice of reason. It has all the answers for any situation. If you can dream of a scenario, then the all-powerful will know what to do.

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