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Allyson Mcbride

'ER' still provides suspense

The season premiere of "ER" tried hard to recapture the show's pressure-cooker aura, showing how people's lives can come unglued. But in order to compete with ABC's \"Who Wants To Be A Millionaire,\" the show now has to be more optimistic, undermining its edginess.

Variety the spice of Portuguese band's style

Cut in with moving bass line. Then layer vocals and drums with syncopated rhythm, and Primitive Reason breaks into the U.S. airwaves for the first time. Primitive Reason's domestic debut, Some of Us, marks the band's third sum effort.

Choosing the least worst

The editors of IDS Weekend have stong ethical and moral ideals to live up to. There is a proud tradition to uphold and a yet to be printed mission statement to follow, all with the sole purpose of providing you, the reader, with heartfelt, emotion-filled features and the best CD and movie reviews. Also included is an opinion page, where columnists get to spout off anything and everything that's happening in the entertainment world.

'Souls' lost

Remember the bookend scenes of "Edward Scissorhands" where Winona Ryder, then 19 years old, attempted a falsetto accent underneath mounds of latex? Her voice still had a youthful vigor that made this portrayal seem awkward. 10 years later, she stars in "Lost Souls" as a teacher who battles Satan's human host. This time her tone of voice suits the wary dimensions of the role, even if it does not validate her choice of scripts.


WIUS Pick of the Week

It is rare in today's music climate to have a record that embraces both sonic power and quiet beauty. With the double disc Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven, Montreal's Godspeed You Black Emperor! has created an album of emotional power that stems from a roller-coaster ride of powerful highs and somber lows.

Good 'Soul'

Yes, it's official, Collective Soul has finally reached the point in its career where it can perform with Elton John. But is Collective Soul worthy of such an honor? Considering the band is one of the most successful modern rock acts of the '90s with three platinum albums and countless radio hits, it most certainly is. With Blender, Collective Soul continues to do the same thing it's always done; make great rock tracks in many different ways. Blender is much more enthralled in rhythm guitar beats and the occasional sampling than any other Collective Soul album to date. While it is a far cry from the group's traditional rock debut, Hints, Allegations and Things Left Unsaid, it is the next logical step from 1998's Dosage.

\'Winter\' all beauty, no substance

All of the attention-grabbing flyers and ads of "Winter Sleepers" that are currently plastered all over campus tell you that the film is made by the director of last year's art house hit, "Run Lola Run." What it doesn't tell you is the fact that German director Tom Tykwer actually made "Winter" one year prior to "Lola."

The 'Secret' is out

"Joe Gould's Secret" is a surprisingly intimate, moving and profound recount of the friendship between two literary legends of mid-1900s New York City. There's Joe Gould, an eccentric panhandler who claimed to have written a million-word account of "The Oral History of Our Time." Then there's Joseph Mitchell, the brilliant New Yorker reporter who profiled Gould.

A journal of a film festival

Although I am a college student with more than just movies on my mind and no transportation at my fingertips, I had the opportunity to attend the opening weekend of the 36th Chicago International Film Festival, Oct. 5-8. During these four days, I saw 13 movies, shook hands with some of the best directing talent and had a crash course in the world of big league film criticism. The following is my account of this overwhelming celluloid experience.

Around the arts

Union Board's annual Live From Bloomington project will take musical submissions until 5 p.m. Friday. Applications are available in the Union Board office and at the Indiana Memorial Union activities desk. Completed forms should be submitted at the activities desk.

Auditorium concert opens String Cheese Incident tour

Many concerts today are note-for-note replications of the artist's studio efforts, making the shows little more than a live performance of the album. Artists seem afraid to stretch their musical creativity on stage. These types of shows are entertaining, but since every show is similar, there is little reason to see the artist perform again.

30 years later Raitt still rocks

If the measure of a performer's longevity is the age range of the audience, then Bonnie Raitt is still rocking well into her third decade of performing.

Local politicians square off in forum

Four sets of county government candidates met last night at the Monroe County Public Library for an open debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters and the Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce.

Undecided voters quiz Bush, Gore

ST. LOUIS -- The town hall format in Tuesday night's presidential debate not only allowed the candidates to walk around, but gave more room for swinging a few punches.

Green Party protests exclusion from St. Louis debate

Nader didn't get in. Despite the efforts of hundreds of chanting, banner-waving protesters, Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader didn't get his chance to debate with Vice President Al Gore and Texas Gov. George W. Bush.

The monolithic myths

Columbia City, Ind., has always prided itself on its Christmas decorations. Each year of my young life, I was shunted off to the Whitley County Courthouse on Christmas Eve to sit on Santa's lap and receive a bag of oranges and a bag of haystacks (those vanilla creamy things covered in chocolate). The line would be long because everyone did the same thing. When the ritual was fulfilled, we'd go the four blocks home to find that Santa had arrived. In a Christmas Eve family, the whole set-up was a little hard to believe.

Redsteppers channel school spirit on the field

It's 4 p.m. Women wearing snug black pants with flared legs wander into the Gladstein Fieldhouse in groups of two and three, joining the rest of the group in a jumble on the floor. As more women file in, the noise level in the fieldhouse rises and the reverberation of the echo makes the chatter nearly indecipherable. "Alpha block, please!" says Janis Cooper Parker, Redsteppers' coach, addressing the dancers. The women switch on a tape and begin to stretch and twist themselves into contortions resembling pretzels, warming up to a Dave Matthews Band song.

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