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Allyson Mcbride

Around The Game

Diver of the Year and three-meter national champion last season. Jeff Huber coached Reiling and the women's team to a national championship last season, and he did the same with the men. Huber was named Big Ten Diving Coach of the Year for the fourth straight season for his accomplishments.

Hoosier homecoming

There was an unexpected win at Alumni Hall Thursday night. Various IU organizations competed in the annual Yell Like Hell spirit competition to kick off Homecoming. It was sponsored by the Student Athletic Board, IU Alumni Association and the Student Alumni Association. Students sang, danced and performed skits.

Subway Series a disappointment

I guess it was inevitable. As eight teams entered the playoffs, everybody knew the two that would eventually be in the World Series. Sure, the San Francisco Giants had the best record in baseball. Sure, the Braves' pitching staff makes them the annual National League favorite. The White Sox were supposed to sneak in, and the Yankees lost seven in a row the week before the playoffs. But did anybody really think that it would end up differently?

SAA drums up campus support

Thursday, Alumni Hall resonated with raucous cheers as more than 15 student groups banded together to Yell Like Hell, kicking off the weekend's Homecoming festivities.

Last Chance for Hoosiers

Ran into a football player the other day. Not a kicker or a running back, but one of those really meaty guys who could be mistaken for an ox. When our eyes met, there was no doubt we knew each other.

Class prepares students for elections

Around campus, many students are paying attention -- at least a little -- to the presidential debates and other election coverage in the media. But the students in professor Gerald Wright's Y200 class are absorbed in it.

Golden opportunity

To this point, Minnesota coach Glen Mason has succeeded where IU coach Cam Cameron has failed. Both hired in 1997, Mason has revitalized the once-dormant Gopher program to respectability and has taken his team to a bowl game. Cameron has yet to do either of the two.

Bands to perform in fraternity contest

Five bands will take part in Alpha Kappa Psi's "Battle of the Bands" Saturday night as a fund-raiser for the Greek letter business fraternity. The event is scheduled to go from 5-10 p.m. in Woodburn room 100 and each band will play a 30-minute set in an effort to prove to the audience they are the best band in the contest.

Dodds Couch-A-Thon to aid Shelter, Inc.

The men of Dodds are couch potatoes, and proud of it. The Doddsmen will sponsor their annual Couch-A-Thon from noon Friday until noon Saturday to raise money for Shelter, Inc., a non-profit emergency and transitional housing service for homeless families.

Endowment dinner honors donors

Wednesday afternoon the IU Auditorium played host to a distinguished set of guests. Members of the IU Foundation Board of Directors, volunteer chairs of the various colleges of IU and IU president Myles Brand, gathered for the yearly national endowment fund dinner. Held every fall, the dinner honors donors to IU and thanks them for their contributions.

Student sells Web site to competitor, an online secondary debt marketplace owned and operated by junior Ryan Pfenninger, joined the growing ranks of consolidating Internet businesses when it was sold last week to its competitor

Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber comes to town

Norma Desmond, Joseph, Grizabella, Evita, the Phantom and Christine Daae. These and more captivating characters were created by the influence of one man's music. "The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber" will bring these characters to life at 8 p.m. tonight at the IU Auditorium.

Pop star thrives professionally once again

In the 12 years since her breakthrough album Tell it to My Heart skyrocketed Taylor Dayne to pop music stardom, she has parlayed her talents into acting and business ventures, garnered recognition from her peers and performed at sold-out concerts around the globe.

Campaign targets oil drilling

The Indiana Public Interest Research Group is sponsoring an e-mail campaign to prevent oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. President Bill Clinton will decide whether to declare the area a National Monument. The e-mail drive is part of a nationwide action day.

Time to grow up, leave Harveys alone

Let's face it. Everyone screws up. Kent Harvey is no exception. Harvey should have considered the consequences of his actions. Everyone involved in the Knight saga knew that the next big allegation to reach the national media would result in dire consequences. Myles Brand had a long list of infractions against the "zero-tolerance policy" that those on the receiving end of Knight's infamous personality never reported. Harvey said he didn't want to hurt the men's basketball team, but he should have realized the media frenzy that would result from such a serious allegation.

Just don't pass it on

Forwards. They started out innocently enough. A political joke here, a "personal survey" there ... fun ways to fill an empty inbox. When used with care and discretion, a forward can be a helpful thing. How many students have been saved from the embarrassment of having no new mail at a public e-mail station, with 30 irate Hoosiers standing in line, by the ever-present forward?

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