Cherub to play the Bluebird

By brancook
Published Mar 4, 2014 9:33 pm

Cherub; The Bluebird

Wednesday, 10 PM


Do you know what you'll feel like doing when you listen to the Tennessee falsetto funk brothers Cherub? Probably what Meryl Streep did at the Academy Awards when Pharrell threatened a face-off. But one could hardly be blamed for showing off your goodies to the highly charged harmonics of what the Guardian named the "New Band of the Day" last summer. If you took R&B, synth-pop, electronic house and funk, stuffed them into a bottle of absinthe and shook it up, what you'd get is something like Cherub's sound. Fresh and sexy, with lyrics that simper and bite, "I think you'll be just fine, just follow the dotted lines, or you'll be fucked like an American off mescal and Barragan, Cherub is the stuff of the future, and their concerts the stuff of your next hangover.

Post by Brandon Cook

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