Purple 7 plays the Bishop

By brancook
Published Feb 18, 2014 10:00 pm

Purple 7; The Bishop

10:00 PM

5$ cover

When the members of the band Defiance, Ohio--named in honour of the actual town--decided to form a band back in 2002, it seems inevitable that that band would be a punk rock band. Maybe picture Kurt Cobain forming Nirvana in Depression, Washington, or Paul Cook playing drums for a little band called the Sex Pistols, straight out of Disestablishment, London. What you probably didn't imagine is just how quickly Defiance, Ohio could flip gears and become Purple 7, the indie garage pop band that's been active since 2012. Whether or not you can make heads or tails of their lyrics ("the market girls are to blame" means what?) or even hear them doesn't take away from just how fun these guys can be when they decide to put their minds to something serious, like executing a dastardly shoplift/ drunk vinyl-listening powwow. Exchange your winter blues for some purple tomorrow night at the Bishop.

With the electric soul duo Hunterchild.

Posy by Brandon Cook

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