Eunan McIntyre plays the Bluebird

By brancook
Published Mar 5, 2013 4:58 pm

Eunan McIntyre; The Bluebird

Tuesday, 9:30

Though he may be a little too early for Saint Patrick's Day, the award-winning Irish performer Eunan McIntyre will be bringing the sounds and the humor (and the cold, wet weather) of Ireland to the Bluebird. With his impressive bio and his extensive experience in touring abroad, McIntyre may very well be the worthy successor to such classic Hibernian artists as the Chieftains and the Dubliners, with whom he has performed. Listen to his "Rocky Road to Dublin" for instance and you'll hear a pub tune combined with a voice that doesn't try and replicate the old school style of the pub masters. It's distinctly sharper and more refined, though you may not be able to catch some of the lyrics through his excessively Irish accent (County Donegal, where McIntyre hails from, has one of the highest rates of Irish-as-a-first-language speakers). If you can manage your way through the sleet I'll be seeing you at the Bluebird. Slainte!

Post by Brandon Cook

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