10.23 The Native Young, Tammar, Vollmar perform @ Collins

By Mickey Woods
Published Oct 25, 2009 7:49 pm

Hello readers,

It's Mickey here and it's my first blog, so go easy on me! I saw some tasty treats this weekend and I wanted to tell you all about it.

There was a small, low-key crowd seated comfortably in the Collins dorm lounge where big sounds were being produced by local bands The Native Young, Tammar and Vollmar.

Tammar opened the show with their WIUX favorite, "The Last Line" from 2009's "Live From Bloomington" CD. The crowd swayed along to the poignant lyrics and the churning beat.

I'd never seen Tammar live before, but was so impressed by their focus. Everyone in the five-piece band leaned on the intensity of lead singer Dave Walter , with the percussion getting wilder and the keyboard pads smoothed things out.

Walter is amazing - you could practically see the tension of the band's lyrics in his jaw.

And the crowd was fixated, there were fewer tapped feet and bobbed heads during Tammar's set as each song felt like an adventure. If you added any more falsetto and electronic skills to their sound, this fivesome would've sounded like Muse's distant cousin, and if that is the case, Tammar is really on to something awesome.

I'm excited to see them again.

Unfortunately I missed Vollmar, whom I heard went solo, as the Justin half of the mighty brother duo commanded the stage with their signature dreamy low-fi.

I would love to see them again since it's been a while since my first Vollmar experience, but when I was talking to attendees outside after the show, they seemed to really enjoy Justin, but said you can't have one without the other. How cute.

The Native Young were a treat to watch as well. The energy picked up with this trio as they cruised through three-minute pop ditties with a 90's twist. Toes tapped and I even saw a couple dance along to the rollicking electric guitar and churning drums.

They reminded of a more serious Bishop Allen, or one of those cutesy singalong sugar-pop bands such as Weezer or Sugar Ray.

It's not a bad thing, I swear - especially if you leave the show and find yourself still humming along.

- Story and Photos by Mickey Woods

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