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Friday, May 24
The Indiana Daily Student

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Beta Theta Pi no longer participating in men’s Little 500 race


Beta Theta Pi will no longer be participating in the men’s Little 500 race, according to the team’s Instagram story Wednesday night. The team was also removed from the team jersey pit guide on the IU Student Foundation’s website.

The removal from the race is due to unfulfilled race requirements from the three rookie riders on Beta, per an official comment from the team.

The withdrawal may be due to unfulfilled race requirements from the three rookie riders on the team. Rookie riders are required to participate in two of the three Spring Cycling Events. Only one Beta rider competed in the Individual Time Trials, and the team did not race in the Team Pursuit event, which means three of the four riders did not fulfill the requirement. 

During the men’s Little 500 race, every team is required to have at least 10 exchanges. Due to having only one eligible rider, the rule could not be satisfied, making Beta unable to field a team. 

Beta finished 32nd in the 2024 qualifications following a 27th place finish in the 2023 race. From 2005 to 2023, Beta only missed the 2019 Little 500 race. The stretch featured a victory in 2013 and nine top 10 finishes, while its only other victory was in 1964. 

With the absence of Beta, the Indiana University Dance Marathon team will take the final spot of the race, according to the team jersey pit guide. IUDM finished 34th in quals by .25 seconds, but it will now get a chance to compete in the race at 2 p.m. Saturday in Bill Armstrong Stadium. 

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