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Thursday, May 23
The Indiana Daily Student


OPINION: This week’s spring break hot takes


Jack Davis: I don’t think spring break always needs to be some extravagant trip. Sure, you should enjoy yourself, but sometimes it’s nice to take a break. It’s okay to go home for spring break, sleep in and see old friends. 

Erin Stafford: I know spring break doesn’t technically start until the Monday of spring break week, but if professors assign me anything to be completed after my last class Thursday I’m going to lose my mind. Everyone knows the unofficial start date of spring break is Thursday night. Don’t be cruel and assign your students things to work on over the weekend. By then, the spring break fever will have already taken hold and it will physically pain me if I have any assignments.  

Advait Save: Spring break represents a much-needed silence. As I spend mine on campus, I wish to enjoy the often-overlooked parts of our beautiful campus due to our haste to attend that one 8 a.m. class or by the tiring walk back to our dorm. In the absence of this haste, I can finally enjoy the unadulterated IU.  

Caitlyn Kulczycki: Spring break should be later in March, when it’s somewhat warm, or at least after the first day of spring.  I’d rather be outside enjoying warm weather than sitting inside while it’s 30 degrees out. 

Pehal Aashish Kothari: NYC is ALWAYS the dream. Even if it’s during spring break and it may end up snowing while I’m there. From Soho to the food scene, culture, energy, and cheaper flight tickets, NYC beats Mexico or any other place by leaps and bounds any day of the year.  

Ainsley Foster: Working during spring break isn't a waste. If your friends are scheduling their flights to Cancun while you're going back home to work, don't feel defeated! Besides, you’ll be the one with a little extra cash on hand afterwards.  

Danny William: My favorite break activity is the “spring break book.” I usually don’t have the time or mental capacity to read a novel during the school year, so I’ll shove it all into one week. Last year it was “The Sirens of Titan,” and this year it’ll be “’Salem’s Lot.” Try it out if you’re also a small-time reader during the school year. 

Joey Sills: It’s super cool if you like to travel south every year, but I really don’t quite understand why spring break is a staple of American culture. It’s no different than any other school break and, like any other school break, I have absolutely no desire to do anything but sleep in and catch up with my Letterboxd watchlist.  

Ellie Willhite: Rest isn’t rest if there’s stress, and likewise, spring break isn’t much of a break when you worry about the projects and tests due when you return! That’s why summer and winter break are superior! 

Faith Badgley: Everyone talks about needing to work out before spring break so they can look good. However, any body is a spring break body — no matter what shape it is. 

Isabella Vesperini: Why does everyone go to Florida every spring break? It’s all I hear about, and it’s getting old. Even though I haven’t been to Florida, it seems overrated and not nearly as exciting as other places in the country. What is there to get hyped up about? 

Leila Faraday: Forget about tanning, clubbing, and all-inclusive resorts — spring break is an excellent time to get together with your women’s Little 500 team and train for the upcoming spring series races.  

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