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Friday, May 24
The Indiana Daily Student

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Which study spot in Bloomington best matches your needs?


Do you know what type of study session you are striving for, but are you unsure where to go in Bloomington? Take this Bloomington study spot quiz to determine the location of your upcoming session.  

Are you seeking a… 

  1. Serious last-minute cram session – If you are trying to have one last study session in before your exam, I recommend you study at the Herman B Wells Library. Since everyone will be quietly working in the library, you will be able to focus on your material and be free of distractions. If you are looking for an absolutely silent environment, try studying on one of the higher floors in the library.  
  2. Study session with a group of friends – If you are planning a social study date, I recommend going to Starbucks in the Indiana Memorial Union. This Starbucks is in the center of campus which makes it’s a great place to meet your friends after class. The upbeat environment will make it acceptable to chat with your friends while working. 
  3. Quick study session during lunch – Are you looking for a place where you can be productive during lunch? If so, I recommend checking out The Inkwell Bakery & Cafe. You can order a hearty turkey sandwich and still be able to study in a cute coffee shop.  
  4. Spark of motivation – Are you feeling unmotivated to study? A sandwich and soup combo at Panera Bread has the power to rejuvenate you. After you eat, you will be in a great environment to open your computer and begin studying. 
  5. Underrated study spot location - Did you know every dorm has a study lounge in their lobby? While some may be more hidden than others, this is a place that seems to never be busy. If you are living on campus, the dorm study lounges are a convenient place to prepare for an exam.

The beauty of study spots on campus is that there is always more to discover. If none of these locations speak to you, claim a cozy corner on campus such as the café in Eskenazi Museum of Art.

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