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Saturday, April 20
The Indiana Daily Student


OPINION: This week’s Valentine’s Day hot takes


Erin Stafford: While it’s true that we should celebrate our loved ones all the time, Valentine’s Day is also the perfect opportunity to make some grand gesture or plan an incredibly romantic date for your significant other. I’m talking champagne, rose petals on the bed and a candlelit dinner for two. It feels good to be spoiled! And what better time than the day of love and romance?  

Maria Amanda Irias: I don’t like candy, so don’t give me that for Valentine’s Day. A big thing about this day is all the candy made specifically for it, but I just don’t like it. It's too sweet and too synthetic. Give me chocolate instead.  

Jack Davis: Why must people spend so much money on Valentine’s Day? I think smaller and more personal gifts are just as good, if not better. I’d rather receive a gift that they made for me and really thought of than some super extravagant gift. 

Leila Faraday: I would much rather receive treats and desserts like donuts, cookies and brownies on Valentine’s Day than candy like chalky message hearts and poor-quality chocolate. 

Isabella Vesperini: The couples that post cheesy pictures of themselves for Valentine’s Day are so cringe. I don’t think it’s necessary to publicly post pictures and profess your love in such a dramatic way. It's not as personal or meaningful as simply texting them yourselves without having to tell the rest of the world.  

Joey Sills: Valentine’s Day is a perfectly fine holiday that’s no more commercialized than any other holiday, and to be honest I am so totally neutral toward it that I can’t even come up with a hotter take than that. 

Danny William: After watching “Mulholland Drive” on Valentine’s Day last year at IU Cinema, I’ve determined it to be the best Valentine’s Day movie. Screw your sappy “Notebook”s and “Love Actually”s, give me a psychosexual, dreamy lesbian drama directed by David Lynch. That’s romance! (And check out “The Fly” this year at the Cinema; it’s Danny-approved!) 

Ainsley Foster: Valentine's Day is more than a box of chocolates. The holiday can be fun, but shouldn't be a replacement for actual connection with your loved ones. So go ahead and buy the teddy bear, but not because it's something you're supposed to do; buy it because you love the person you’re getting it for! 

Faith Badgley: I love when people post themselves and their significant others for Valentine’s Day because I’m nosy. I get to find out who’s dating and who’s no longer together. 

Caitlyn Kulczycki: Valentine's Day can be a day for going all out with self-love too. If you don’t have any plans, you don’t have to spend the day sulking about not having a date. I think Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to appreciate yourself and make yourself feel special.

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