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Monday, May 27
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Election Day tomorrow: voters to decide city council, mayor, school funding


Election Day is Tuesday, meaning voters will get to vote for the city council, city clerk, mayor and a referendum on tax increases for local public schools.

Though most races are uncontested, two uncertainties on the ballot are District 3 on the Bloomington City Council, where Democrat Hopi Stosberg faces Republican Brett Heinisch, and the Monroe County Community School Corporation referendum, which asks voters to increase the current tax rate of 18.5 cents per $100 of assessed property value by 8.5 cents.

The increase would go toward reducing or eliminating barriers to early childhood education, instructional materials, access to technology and things like Advanced Placement tests. The goal of the referendum is to ensure all students have equal educational opportunities, regardless of their ability to pay.

The biggest goal of the referendum is affordable preschool. According to MCCSC, less than half of three- and four-year-olds in the MCCSC district are enrolled in preschool programs. This is mainly due to costs, which can be as much as $8,500 annually, and a lack of available slots, according to MCCSC.

The last referendum increase was in November 2022, with the majority of the new funds going toward raising pay for teachers and support staff. Despite the back-to-back proposals, the increased rate would still be one of the lowest of Indiana public schools, according to MCCSC. MCCSC estimates someone whose property has an assessed value of $250,000 would pay an additional $50 per year.

Everyone located in the MCCSC district can vote in the referendum. For other races, anyone who is a registered voter in Bloomington can vote.

The election will also solidify who will serve as the mayor, city clerk and the composition of the city council. Besides the one contested city council race, all other candidates are Democrats running unopposed.

The polls will open at 6 a.m. and close at 6 p.m. There are 25 polling locations in Monroe County, and voters must go to their assigned location. Check and confirm your precinct at by selecting the “Voting Location” option.

The list of locations by precinct are listed here as well as below:

The Academy, 444 S. Patterson Drive, Bloomington 47403 

Perry 1, 29, 30 

Arlington Heights Elementary School, 700 W. Parrish Road, Bloomington 47404 

Bloomington 14, 15, 24 

Binford Elementary School, 2300 E. Second St., Bloomington 47401 

Bloomington 8; Perry 17, 20 

Bloomington High School North, 3901 N. Kinser Pike., Bloomington 47404 

Bloomington 4, 13, 17 

Bloomington High School South, 1965 S. Walnut St., Bloomington 47401 

Perry 9, 10, 12, 13, 32 

Burgoon Baptist Church, 8598 E. Burgoon Church Road., Bloomington 47401 


Christ Community Church, 503 S. High St., Bloomington 47401 

Bloomington 21; Perry 7, 16 

Eastview Church of the Nazarene, 4545 E. Lampkins Ridge Road., Bloomington 47401 

Perry 21, 26; Salt Creek 

Election Operations, 302 S. Walnut St., Bloomington 47401 

Bloomington 3, 7, 22; Perry 6, 8, 15, 31 

Fairview Elementary School, 500 W. Seventh St., Bloomington 47404 

Bloomington 1, 6, 20 

Faith Lutheran Church, 2200 S. High St., Bloomington 47401 

Perry 14 

Family Worship Center, 8449 N. Fox Hollow Road., Bloomington 47408 

Bloomington 12; Washington 

Grandview Elementary School, 2300 S. Endwright Road., Bloomington 47403 

Van Buren 4, 5, 6 

Harrodsburg Community Center, 1002 W. Popcorn Road., Bloomington 47403 

Clear Creek 3 

Highland Park Elementary School, 900 S. Park Square Drive, Bloomington 47403 

Van Buren 1, 2, 3; Richland 9 

Indian Creek Lions Club, 8120 S. Rockport Road., Bloomington 47403 

Indian Creek 

Indiana Memorial Union University Club, 900 E. Seventh St., Bloomington 47405 

Bloomington 5, 18, 19, 23  

Jackson Creek Middle School, 3980 S. Sare Road., Bloomington 47401 

Perry 4, 11, 23, 28 

Sherwood Oaks Christian Church, 2700 E. Rogers Road., Bloomington 47401 

Perry 18, 19, 22 

Smithville Christian Church, 7280 S. Fairfax Road., Bloomington 47401 

Clear Creek 2  

Southside Christian Church, 500 E. Empire Mill Road., Bloomington 47401 

Clear Creek 1; Perry 24, 25, 27 

Summit Elementary School, 1450 W. Countryside Lane, Bloomington 47403 

Perry 2, 3, 5 

Tri-North Middle School, 1000 W. 15th St., Bloomington 47404 

Bloomington 2  

Unionville Elementary School, 8144 E. State Road 45, Unionville 47468 

Benton 1, 2 

University Elementary School, 1111 N. Russell Road., Bloomington 47408 

Bloomington 9, 10, 11, 16

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