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Monday, Dec. 4
The Indiana Daily Student

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How to budget in college


College can be expensive, but surviving in college does not have to be. Here are some tips for balling on a budget in college.

Shop the sale sections

I love shopping, but it can be expensive. The sale section is always the first place I gravitate to when shopping because sometimes there are some great deals, and it is always fun telling people you got a great deal on a cute piece of clothing. Even the pieces with minor issues can be fixed with a simple needle and thread.

Use food apps

Yes, it can take up a lot of space on your phone, but it can also save you a lot of money. Food places like McDonalds, Dunkin and Starbucks have apps with deals for customers every day or almost every day. These include discounts, buy one get one free deals or even sometimes a free item with a purchase. Food apps can help you save money on off-campus food while racking up points so you can get free food later.

Take advantage of free food opportunities

Almost every callout meeting or event will offer free food or snacks like pizza, chips or candy. It can get boring after a couple of days, but it will also save you money for the first few weeks every semester.  If you have time, try to go to as many events or callout meetings as possible to take advantage of all the free food.

Use Crimson Card

If you have meal points you should use this over real money anytime you can. You have already paid for it, so why not use this first? The dining halls on campus offer many diverse types of food, so it is easy to find something you would want to eat. Obviously, you can still go and eat food off campus, just be conscious that you already have so many food options that are already paid for.

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