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Thursday, June 13
The Indiana Daily Student


COLUMN: Bloomington’s best study spots


We all have that one go-to study spot on campus, and if you’re anything like me, then you might be feeling like it’s time to switch up your study routine. Like most students on campus, you might be too attached to Wells library or Starbucks, but there are plenty of other options worth exploring on campus. Here are three spots with natural light, cozy chairs and perfect study vibes.  

Eskenazi Museum of Art 

If you are stressing about an upcoming test and need extreme focus, check out the Eskenazi Museum of Art. It’s never overcrowded and there are plenty of tables available. Whenever I walk into this museum, it is always so quiet that you can hear a pin drop. I usually sit at the museum café and sip on an iced coffee as I study. I love their café because it’s always easy to find a table and the quiet environment keeps me focused on my work. I don’t know about you, but when I’m in an environment where the people around me are only focused on their homework, it brings out my best focus. The best time to study here is in the late morning; there aren’t many people arriving around 10 a.m., and I always find a table. Whenever I have a particularly stressful workload, I make my way over to the Eskenazi Museum of Art.  

Soma Coffee House and Juice Bar East  

This is a great place to study either on a weekday morning or a weekend afternoon. Whenever I go to Soma around those times, there are still booths and spacious tables available. When I’m studying, I prefer to use a large table so I can spread my work out in front of me. If I don’t have an extensive workload, I like to study with a little white noise from Soma’s customers in the background. Plus, it’s fun to bring a friend to Soma so you have someone to talk to when you need a little study break. I never feel like I am overstaying my welcome at this Soma either –– it’s laid back, and spacious enough that the employees are welcoming to those who spend their afternoon studying there.  

Brilliant Coffee 

This is my go-to study spot during finals week. Not only do they have long tables which are perfect for studying, but they have delicious food in case you need a rewarding snack break. This spot is also welcoming to those who study at the café for a lengthy amount of time. I tend to study here on Saturday afternoons or late mornings during the week. It’s never too crowded, and I rarely have to wait for a good study table when I come here. They also offer many accessible power outlets, which is perfect for those who forget to charge their devices. My go-to study session snacks are their coffee cake and iced salted caramel latte.  


Happy studying, Hoosiers! 

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