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Wednesday, May 22
The Indiana Daily Student


OPINION: The truth behind five pieces of freshman year advice, from a freshman


Freshmen hear so many pieces of advice from others on how to navigate those first crucial moments of college. As a freshman, I can give my truthful opinion on at least five pieces of advice I have received.  

Don’t take an 8 a.m. 

This might just be one of the best pieces of advice I’ve received so far. Right now, the weather is still warm outside and I can enjoy the walk to classes. But I know that when the temperature starts dropping and snow starts falling, I’d rather lay in my warm bed than trek to whatever class is on deck before the sun has risen.  

You’re not in high school anymore. You’re going to be doing things like going out at night and you’re not going to want to wake up for that 8 a.m., so if you have the opportunity to take a later class, do so. You won’t regret it.  

Break up with your high school boyfriend. 

This might just be one of the more ridiculous pieces of advice. I think that if you find a person you love, stay with them. Don’t let the going-out scene in college make you think you cannot stay together. You can 100% go out with friends and not cheat or do anything that would hurt the other person. Going to separate colleges should not affect your relationship. I truly believe distance makes the heart grow fonder. If you have good communication and trust, your relationship will flourish.  

Leave your door open. 

Many people say that in your first week you should leave your dorm door open to meet new people. This piece of advice works — I know from experience. I’ve already met so many cool people. It’s nice to be close with the people on your floor just in case you need anything and to make new friendships along the way. Everyone is in the same boat as you, so take a chance. You never know who you might meet — they might end up being your best friend for life.  

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Bring a fan. 

I cannot stress this enough: BRING. A. FAN. Having used a fan back home, I already planned on bringing one, and I haven’t regretted it once. Dorm rooms are always hot and muggy. There's never any airflow because we cannot open our windows, so having a fan not only beats the heat, but also makes the air feel fresher. If you don’t believe me, my roommate didn’t come with a fan and already bought one after just a few weeks.  

No one cares what you’re doing. 

It’s true. Everyone is worried about themselves and not you. There is so much going on in college that it’s truly way too much effort for people to worry about what you are doing. As long as you’re not being too disruptive toward others, no one cares. I’ve learned to just stay in my lane and live my life because what other people think is not my problem.  

Faith Badgley (she/her) is a freshman studying media advertising.  

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