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Sunday, Feb. 25
The Indiana Daily Student


OPINION: This week’s hot takes


Leila Faraday: Making and playing with slime is such an underrated way to destress. It is not just for kids and lives long past the 2016 Instagram trends. 

Natalie Fitzgibbons: Some shows are meant for the fall season. That doesn’t mean you can’t watch them when it’s not fall, but it’s like Halloween movies. You can watch them whenever, but they’re intended for Halloween. One of those shows is “Gilmore Girls.” It starts off in the fall and just gives off fall vibes. 

Ellie Albin: I hate open-concept layouts in houses. That’s all. 

Jared Quigg: I’m really tired of the Russophobia present in our culture right now. It’s one thing to dislike the Russian imperialists ravaging Ukraine. It’s quite another to put down Dostoyevsky, or “Swan Lake.” Maybe this is mostly a performative Twitter thing (though I’ve seen it in the real world too), where people will “stand” with Ukraine by acting like Tolstoy wasn’t a genius. People need to stop performing on Twitter! Twitter is for jokes, not for garbage takes about why you won’t listen to Shostakovich anymore. 

Danny William: I recently watched George Romero’s 1981 masterpiece “Knightriders” for the first time. Considering it only has 6.3/10 on IMDb, I consider it a hot take to state that I think it’s one of his best films. The man could make more than a zombie movie! I consider it a feat of cinema for a film about knight cosplayers riding motorcycles to drive me to the brink of tears. 

Joey Sills: Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot more content about homeschooling pop up on my TikTok For You Page and it honestly just makes me sad. Homeschooling presents so many problems to young students at an especially critical stage in their development — aside from the valid concern that students could possibly be behind their peers academically — the social aspect of public schooling cannot be overstated. Children and adolescents need to be able to interact with people their own age whom they’re not related to. As someone who was homeschooled for several years as a teenager — and thankfully, eventually, escaped — I can say with confidence it hurts more than it benefits. 

Carolyn Marshall: Straight up black coffee is something everyone needs to try. I know many people prefer their specific Starbucks orders, but black coffee has a certain taste that can’t be replicated, and that varies from each brand. I think if you are to say you like coffee, you need to know how it tastes without being pumped with flavors and milk first. It’s fine to like your coffee that way, but you gotta know what it tastes like before covering up the original taste completely. 

Isabella Vesperini: Eggs should not be a breakfast food. They seem too heavy a meal to start the day. I don’t want to be super full from the get go. If I eat something lighter like cereal, I have tastier, more filling foods to look forward to. I have only ever considered eggs a dinner food and on some occasions a lunch food. They are not welcome at my breakfast table. 

Jacob Lubarsky: The dining hall food is great. Far too often I have heard my friends and peers diss the quality of such food, but I personally find these dining halls to offer a great selection with good to great quality. And like any buffet-style dining, there are sure to be a few misses, but all in all, eateries such as the Forest Dining Hall or even the new Bookmarket Eatery are worth checking out.  

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