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Wednesday, May 22
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COLUMN: 5 songs for a fresh study playlist


It’s just about that time — back to school! With the start of classes quickly approaching, there’s no better way to prepare than by updating your old study playlist. Listening to music while hitting the books can at the very least make your experience more enjoyable and it can sometimes even help with focus. I find myself looking forward to my study sessions when I have a solid playlist to accompany me. 

Whether you prefer classical, groovy or contemplative music, these songs are my top picks for a study playlist of your dreams.  

“Glasshouses” - Maribou State 

This instrumental track will have you in a study trance with its buttery riffs and dreamy string chorus. Maribou State’s music frequents my study sessions because their electronic, dream-pop style is both relaxing yet engaging to my mind. Other Maribou State songs that have this same effect include “Beginner’s Luck” and “Vale.”  

“Etude No. 2”- Philip Glass 

Classical music is a hit or miss for me when studying because sometimes the orchestral climax is so intense that it stresses me out. While this may be a personal and unrelatable opinion about this type of music, this particular piece by Philip Glass has that same classical music allure, without that booming climax. Piano pieces like this one are truly staples of a killer study playlist because they bring a sense of calm to the mix. 

“End of the World" - Hether 

Originally recorded by Skeeter Davis, “End of the World” is a dramatic ballad about heartbreak and the loss of faith that follows. As dismal as that sounds, a song like this makes for a perfectly moody track for focus. This particular cover by Hether is a modern take on the original, with vocal effects that add a new level of despair to the lyrics. Other Hether songs to consider adding to your playlist include “photograph” and “Nebulous Tango.”  

“Billie Toppy" - Men I Trust  

Men I Trust is another artist with a discography full of study playlist potentials. The lead singer has a mellow, airy style of singing that seems to melt into the rest of the track. A main element of the band’s music is the playful bass lines, so prepare for a few study sessions to turn into dance parties. You’ve been warned. 

“Clementine" - Elliot Smith  

Elliot Smith’s rugged acoustic sound is brimming with lyrics that encourage a calm demeanor and introspection. Smith’s discography often features tracks with just him and his guitar, so it’s sonically simple for easy listening. “Clementine” in particular has a very level, stable sound that keeps me focused on whatever I’m working on.  

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