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Tuesday, May 28
The Indiana Daily Student


COLUMN: Monochromatic, denim-on-denim, other trends potentially returning soon


As stores begin to release transitional styles between summer and fall, it's fascinating to take note of which trends are taking a break and which trends are recirculating.  

This summer’s fashion has featured trends from a multitude of decades and aesthetics, with full length skirts, low-rise pants, slip dresses and ballerina-inspired styles being at the forefront. Nothing seems to be off-limits in fashion, and this makes it so fun to predict. Here’s a breakdown of fashion trends I see becoming prevalent in the upcoming season. 

Rocking denim-on-denim  

This style is an ongoing classic, and while it comes in and out of popularity, I sense a wider utilization of denim upon us. I feel like denim-on-denim is often worn in comedic scenarios, as it has been dubbed the “Canadian Tuxedo”. Even so, there is something timeless about pairing a denim jacket and jeans together in a tasteful way, and I think the wider population is coming around to this idea. Of course, the washes of denim in the pieces placed together matter, so there’s a right way to rock the denim-on-denim look. 

Bringing back bedazzled brooches  

Brooches may make you think of your great grandmother, and I understand the connotation evoked by these decorative pins. The other day I found a box of brooches from various women in my family, and it made me think about how adding personal touches to clothing is big in fashion right now. Fashion has been seeing a lot of ribbons, layering jewelry and hair accessories, which all express person style in seemingly subtle ways. Brooches were used in this way in the past, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t be readopted. Additionally, there’s a high supply of brooches in any antique store, making them an easy second-hand purchase to test out on your next outfit. 

Big, wild ‘80s hair   

Hair trends have had minimal changes in the past few years, with straight, tame hair being a popular style consistently. But even the recent ‘90s blowout styles and shag cuts that seem a little more voluminous aren’t exactly ideal for curly-headed folks. The teased, permed, unruly hairstyles of the ‘80s are due for a comeback, then. This would be a grand fashion development for those with frizzier, curlier or more textured hair. 

Monochromatic, outside of neutral colors 

Monochromatic outfits are undoubtedly prevalent right now, but there is a lack of monochromatic with bright colors. Consider a pair of bright green corduroys with a darker green sweater; it looks tidy, but it feels slightly experimental because of the louder colors paired together.  

Full length tops, with interesting necklines 

Crop tops have been prevalent for so long that I am sensing a decline in their popularity coming soon. The “going out top” is a huge trend among college-age and young adult populations, and a large majority of this category includes cropped corsets, tube tops and bralettes. Sometimes I don’t necessarily want to wear a shirt that exposes my whole midriff to a social event, but I also want to wear something more exciting than a regular shirt I’d wear to class. This is the gray area that I can see growing in the near future — uncropped tops that still have necklines and detailing that make them exciting. 

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